Simple Spring Decor

Written by Milan Jara on 24th Mar 2015

Ah, spring! Few images are more relaxing and refreshing than a meadow that has been kissed by the springtime sunshine and shows off its vibrant colors. As artists, my wife and I love spring and appreciate its beauty. As contractors and homeowners, we also know that spring is the time for opening up the windows of your house and making everything smell and look new again. It doesn’t take much to apply some spring décor to your home, but it is absolutely worth it.

Spring Decor

Photo via Festivities MN from Flickr

Slapping On A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Getting ready for spring by slapping a fresh coat of paint on your living room walls is one of the oldest clichés in the book. But it is also one of the simplest ways to make your home look, feel, and even smell brand new. We always recommend a nice earth tone color to compliment the rest of the room and show off the bright colors in your couch, rugs, and your ceiling.

Time For New Linens

You have spent all winter sleeping on the same sheets and using the same towels. To get that feeling of being spring fresh, you need to get some new linens and turn the old ones into painting rags for your living room project. Try some bold colors this year and let your linens really set off the rest of your bedroom.

How About Some Plants?

We have found that taking care of houseplants reduces stress and makes the house look so much better. As the plants outside your home start to come to life in the spring, you can enhance that by introducing house plants that add some color and beauty to the inside of your house as well. If you have pets, be aware that some houseplants can be toxic to pets and should be avoided. Contact your vet to find out which houseplants you should avoid, and then you can safely add some foliage to your living room!

New Curtains

When spring comes, most people swap out their heavy, insulated curtains for lighter curtains that allow the sunshine to rain down inside their homes. For something different this spring, you should invest in new curtains and get a fresh start for your window dressing. Get creative with your curtains and start to mix and match colors that will give you a very unique and colorful design.

Couch Covers

My wife and I love colorful couch covers because they literally make the couch and loveseat look brand new. Couch covers are not that expensive and there are plenty of designs and colors to choose from. You can also choose to get a solid colored couch cover and make your own patterns. The best part is that you can change the look of your couch without having to spend a fortune.

Spring is the time of year when flowers bloom and butterflies can be found in fields and prairies all over the countryside. We love spring because we love colors and you can get a lot more out of spring by using simple décor ideas that will make your house feel and look brand new.