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Frequently Asked Questions- Decorative Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels

  • Metal Ceiling Tiles

  • What are the metal ceiling tiles made of?

    We offer 3 different materials.

    1. Tin Plated Steel ( this is the authentic, historically correct material.  We offer it in its raw form as well as painted. In the raw form it is the most economical option. It has to be painted from both sides if you get it un-finished.)
    2. Aluminum ( this is the popular material because it will not rust. It may however oxidize if you purchase our Mill Finish Aluminum depending on the environment you use it in. To prevent that you need to paint the face of the tile or choose on of the many finishes.
    3. Actual Solid Copper (this is the high end item that most wish they could have.  All of our metal designs are available in this material. Although we do not have images for all of the products in copper, we do have a page dedicated to it.  Here it is: Copper Ceiling Tiles

  • What are the dimension of metal ceiling tiles?

    Most of our real metal ceiling tiles come in either 24" x 24" size or 24" x 48". The actual sizes slightly differs depending on the application. If you choose a tile for a suspended ceiling system also known as drop ceiling or a grid system, it will be slightly smaller than 24" x 24" size and 24" x 48", the actual size would be close to 23 7/8" x 23 7/8" and 23 7/8" x 47 7/8".

    If you go with a nail-up install option, the tiles are 24 3/8 x 24 3/8 inches or 24 3/8 x 48 3/8 inches. There are couple of odd sizes and we can also create custom tiles with a custom size.

  • Are metal ceiling tiles 3-D?

    Yes, our metal tiles, just like the old fashioned tin are stamped out to create 3-dimensional designs. The depth of the tiles vary based on the design from 1/8" - about 3"

  • Are metal ceiling tiles painted?

    We offer them in both versions, painted and unpainted when it comes to Steel and Aluminum, here are some beautiful color options for the Aluminum ceiling tiles. When it comes to copper, we offer it either natural or we age it and can offer a clear coat to protect the surface from aging further.

  • Can metal ceiling tiles be painted?

    Yes, absolutely. However, we offer many colors from basic single colors that can be powder coated to artisan finishes done by an artist by hand.

  • What can be metal ceiling tiles cut with?

    We like to recommend tin snips as they are most accessible.

  • How can metal ceiling tiles be installed?

    We recommend 2 types of installation method for real metal and those are nail-up to a substrate such as plywood or furring strips or drop-in installation into a grid system.  Some people also glue their tiles, the best one for gluing would be Aluminum as it is the lightest of the metals.

  • What kind of adhesive should be used for metal ceiling tiles?

    If you do decide to nail up our tiles, consider using our 310 Instant Grab adhesive or equivalent to it, such as power grab from loctite. Make sure the surface is clean by wiping all the dust and/or dirt.

  • What is the weight of metal ceiling tiles?

    This would depend on the size and metal you choose. Our lightest metal tile is Aluminum which comes in at about 0.75lb per, the steel/tin is about 1.5lb and copper 3lb 24"x24" tile.

  • Which metal tiles come in 2 ft x 4 ft / 24 in x 48 in?

    We do have several designs that come in 2 ft x 4 ft/ 24 inches x 48 inches. Here they are: (please note that images only show 2x2 tiles at this time. 2x4 tiles look like 2, 2x2 tiles put together. To view the images, click on the following links) 0302, 0303, 0601, 0603, 0604, 0605, 0606, 0607, 0609, 1201, 1202DD, 1204, 1205, 1207, 1211, 1220, 2400, 2401, 2402, 2403, 2404, 2405, 2406, 2407, 2410, 2433, 2436, 2437, 2450. ( At this moment, there are only 2x2 tiles available for purchase on our website. To order 2x4 tiles, please Contact Us.