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Video Answers by Milan Jara of Decorative Ceiling Tiles

milan-jara-co-founder-of-decorative-ceiling-tiles-85x114.jpgHi,  I tought it would be fun to answer your questions in a video format so that I can show you what exactly I mean.  So please go ahead and if you have any question, fill out the form below and send it over to me and it will be my pleasure to do my best to answer them in a timely manner and post back on this page. Remember that you are giving me post your name and the question here. 

Note: Would you like to send me video or images that will help me to answer your questions and that you want me to include in the video answers?  Fantastic, i am excited about this, please send them here: info@decorativeceilingtiles.net

Thank you,
Milan Jara

Could AC Vents and Recessed Lights be a Problem?

Hi Milan!  This is Jonnie Benson.  I called and spoke with u back in June about your ceiling tiles and ordered 3 samples, which I really like (copper one)!  My husband states they will not work on our ceiling due to the AC vents and recessed lighting?

I'm sending u a pic of the room I want to do, it's a combination super den/kitchen!  Give me your input, please!!!

Do I need a border / filler for my Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles?


I bought ceiling tiles from you a few months ago. I still haven't been able to put them up. Hopefully I will be able to soon. My question is do I need a boarder or will it be fine without. I think my tile # was 222. They are square detailed. Please let me know when you get a chance.

Thanks!! :)

How do I know if I need nail-up or glue-up celing tiles?

What Can I Use to Cut your Styrofoam Crown Moldings? A Miter Saw ?

How-To Finish Off A Real Tin or Faux Tin Backsplash

I spoke to you briefly on the phone today. I found two products that seem to be the JChannel border you were mentioning.
EM0351 Deco Border or
EM0101 Tin Backsplash Finishing Molding

I ordered a roll of WC 40.
Which is the proper one to run on the edge? 

How do our Faux Tin Panels overlap

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