Fillers - Borders for Tin Ceilings, Aluminum, Copper, Steel and PVC

In the construction and home remodeling industries, a filler is considered to be a trim used to fill gaps where measurements don’t quite work out. If you look at your kitchen cabinets, there’s a good chance you’ll see where fillers were installed to make the overall layout work in the room. However, a filler can also be used to create a border or simply as a transition between two different designs or materials. Many upscale hardwood floors use fillers or borders to accent the beauty of the wood used in the floor or to add a little unconventional design to the room.

You can do the same thing with your metal tile ceiling by using Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ numerous tin fillers. Whether your layout isn’t quite filling the space or you want to create a border to accent the central design, there is a tin filler that should work for your application.

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Tin Fillers

Tin fillers are available in sizes ranging from standard tiles of 24 by 24 inches to narrower widths of 18 and 20 inches and smaller. There are even some fillers available in rolls 12 inches wide and in configurations that can be installed as is or that allow you to paint the filler in your own unique color scheme. If you’re planning to install a border around the perimeter of your ceiling, there are fillers specifically designed to serve as corners.

Most of Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ tin fillers are available in tin covered steel, aluminum, and solid copper so they can be easily matched with your metal ceiling tiles. If you choose aluminum, there are the same numerous prefinished colors available to choose from as in the many patterns of standard aluminum tiles.

Tin fillers are available for both nail-up and drop-in ceiling tile applications, but be sure to choose the design that’s right for your application.

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