Decorative 24'' x 24'' Tiles for Walls and Ceilings

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At Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we believe in giving you all of the choices you need to create a truly beautiful DIY decorative ceiling project. That is why we have pages and pages of the most beautiful 2x2 ceiling tiles for you to choose from and plenty of informational articles and videos to help out as well.

In the world of drop-ceiling tiles, 2x2 panels tend to be the easiest to work with because they cover more area. But when you shop our online store, you will see that the 2x2 panels also offer a lot of options for impressive patterns and bright colors. Imagine your family room with a gorgeous tin ceiling and picture how much of a conversation piece that ceiling will be. We make it easy because our faux-tin 2x2 drop-ceiling tiles come at prices that you can afford and installation is very easy.

Maybe installing 2x2 ceiling tiles on your own is not a thought that appeals to you. We can still help. When you buy your 2x2 ceiling tiles from our online store, you will be saving a lot of money on your materials. You can have a contractor come to your home to install your panels and keep that money you save by getting your materials through us.

Our 2 x 2 ceiling tiles also give you the opportunity to turn your commercial space into the kind of place your employees want to be. You would be surprised at how much more appealing your workplace becomes when you start investing in cosmetic upgrades that your employees can appreciate. Our tiles can also help insulate your office and dampen sound, which are two more benefits your employees will appreciate.

When you plan your ceiling project and look at drop-ceiling tiles, 2x2 tiles will offer you the very best value. Our huge array of real and faux tiles will get you the look you want and allow you to save money on materials and labor costs. Our site gives you all of the information you need to safely and correctly install any kind of 2x2 ceiling tile, and we also offer all of the accessories you will need to finish the project and make your new ceiling look just like a professional put it up.