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Drop In Economy Ceiling Tiles - 28% Off - Limited Time Offer

Black Ceiling Tiles for Residential or Commercial Space

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Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ Black Ceiling Tiles

Whether you’re a Johnny Cash fan or you just like the dramatic effect the color can bring to a room, Decorative Ceiling Tiles has distinctive black ceiling tiles that can be used to enhance your home’s decor, including black drop-ceiling tiles. While many homeowners associate Decorative Ceiling Tiles with popular metallic-finish tiles that can take rooms back to a simpler time, they also have a full line of contemporary selections, including black ceiling tiles, that can complement the most modern interior designs.

Black ceiling tiles can be the perfect choice for upgrading the ceilings in studies, family rooms, and even kitchens, and installation is simple. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated media room, these tiles would be particularly suitable for a ceiling treatment in that room. Black ceiling tiles span a wide price range, and there’s a selection for just about any remodeling budget. Even better, there’s a black ceiling tile option for almost every home ceiling.

Black Ceiling Tile Options

The black ceiling tile you choose can be based on style, material, and the installation method that works best for your skill level and the room. A few options to consider:

  • Styrofoam black ceiling tiles: These black ceiling panels are very lightweight and easy to install, perfect for beginning DIYers. They’re designed for glue-up applications over most stable existing ceiling surfaces. You can buy Styrofoam tiles in two distinct budget-friendly designs.
  • Faux-tin black ceiling tiles: These black ceiling tiles look so much like metal that you may have to touch them to be sure, but they’re actually constructed from a durable PVC. The tiles are very tough but can be cut with common household scissors during installation. PVC doesn’t rust and won’t cause sound to echo the way many metal tiles can. While a little more expensive than Styrofoam, faux-tin tiles are still very affordable. There are options for both glue-up and drop-in installations, so be sure to choose the right option when you shop in our online store. Black faux-tin tiles are available in almost 20 styles that range from classical to contemporary.
  • Faux-leather black ceiling tiles: If you like the look of black leather, these may be the tiles for you. They’re made of PVC, but you’d swear these black ceiling tiles were the real thing. At about 15 x 15 inches, the faux-leather tiles are a little smaller than their Styrofoam and faux-tin cousins, which are 24 x 24 inch sizes. The two available patterns can simply be glued onto your ceiling, and they look just as good when used as wall accents. The tiles’ three-layer commercial-grade construction includes waterproofing, which makes them the ideal choice if you need a wet bar backsplash, and soundproofing, which might be beneficial in your family or media room.

Black Decorative Ceiling Tile Installation Methods

Black Styrofoam and faux-leather decorative ceiling tiles are designed for DIY-friendly glue-up installations, which usually require very little existing ceiling preparation work. If you need help, Decorative Ceiling Tiles provides numerous helpful installation tips and instructional videos that take the project from start to finish. Faux-tin tiles can also be glued up, or, if you have an unstable existing ceiling or exposed joists, a drop-in ceiling system can be used. While this is slightly more difficult than gluing, there are instructional guidelines and videos that can make the installation of black drop-ceiling tiles very easy.

If you are looking for new ceiling tiles, black may be the color that best suits you and your needs. Check out your design needs and then use our selection to find the tiles that add just the right look to your home.