Real Copper Tiles For Walls and Ceilings In Aged or Polished Finish

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Copper Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Copper’s rich beauty has been a favorite accent when decorating homes for hundreds of years. While it may not have the luster of gold, the metal has a deep patina that becomes even more attractive with age, and it’s also much less expensive than its famous cousin. Copper isn’t just a pretty metal, though; it’s extremely tough and durable but at the same time very easy to use in projects. It would do just as well in your shop as it would in your living room. The material is popular for roofing, plumbing pipes, and even for pots and pans. Now, you can buy it to create an amazing ceiling.

One of the metal’s best characteristics is the warm appearance it’s able to bring to a room. Whether you prefer a natural, aged, or polished look, copper can make a room seem comfortable and relaxing with the way it’s able to cause light to reflect in a calming glow. That’s one of the reasons why it’s often seen in neighborhood pubs and high-end restaurants.

If you like the look of copper, Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers several options for bringing its beauty into your home. There’s a selection for every budget and existing ceiling type, and installation methods should be a snap for even beginning DIYers.

Copper Decorative Ceiling Tile Options

Whether you’re remodeling your home on a very tight budget or the sky’s the limit, Decorative Ceiling Tiles has copper ceiling tiles that can be used to enhance any room in your home. The tiles are available in numerous patterns that range from classical designs that might look at home in a room from a previous era to casual designs that make your friends and family want to get comfortable and stay for a while. If modern styling strikes your fancy, there are many contemporary copper ceiling tile designs that should fit the bill. Choose from these different copper ceiling tile collections from Decorative Ceiling Tiles:

Styrofoam Copper Ceiling Tiles

Styrofoam copper ceiling tiles offer all the detail and beauty of solid copper tiles but at a much more budget-friendly price. These copper tiles are hand-painted, and you can choose from copper, antique copper, or a copper patina that has the appearance of natural copper that’s beginning to age gracefully. Styrofoam tiles are lightweight and very easy to work with; they can be cut to fit using standard household scissors. These copper panels are designed to be glued in place and can be installed over just about any type of existing ceiling surface with a minimum of preparation.

Faux-Tin Copper Ceiling Tiles

If you want a ceiling tile that’s as durable as solid copper but the real thing stretches your budget a bit too far, consider Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ faux-tin copper ceiling tile collection. Faux-tin tiles look just like copper ceiling tiles, but they’re made from tough PVC that has a Class A fire rating. Another advantage of PVC is that it can often absorb sound that might echo with some metal tiles.

Faux-tin copper ceiling tiles are available in numerous designs that can be used to complement just about any room’s décor. You can choose between a natural copper finish and an antique copper appearance that can add a touch of aged elegance to a formal dining room or warmth to a study. Faux-tin copper tiles are designed for glue-up and drop-in copper tile ceiling applications.

Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles

While Styrofoam and faux-tin copper ceiling tiles are beautiful, it’s difficult to beat the real thing. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers a complete line of natural solid copper ceiling tiles in many, many distinctive patterns. Choose from the classic or contemporary collections of copper tiles or have your own design made into a custom copper tile. Cherished pets, woodland scenes, or even an image from your favorite hobby or sport can all be incorporated into your custom solid copper ceiling tiles. Solid copper tiles are available for nail-up and drop-in ceiling installations.

Solid Aged Copper Ceiling Tiles

Many items get even more attractive with age, and copper definitely falls into that classification. For that reason, Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers copper ceiling tiles with the aging process already built in. As copper gets older, it often develops darker areas that can display browns, blacks, and even greens. This rich patina can take years to achieve, but Decorative Ceiling Tiles solid aged copper ceiling tiles allow you to speed up time; the tiles have that unique appearance from the first day they’re installed. Aged solid copper ceiling tiles are available in most of the same patterns as standard solid copper tiles and are designed for nail-up and drop-in applications.

Polished Copper Ceiling Tiles

If you like the look of metal tiles but solid copper isn’t in your remodeling budget, give Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ polished copper aluminum tiles a look. These durable and attractive tiles are priced as an option for homeowners between economical faux-tin and more costly solid copper selections. The tiles look so much like copper that you may be the only one who ever knows the difference. The finish is polished to a sheen, just as if you had spent several hours with a cloth and a can of Brasso.

Polished copper ceiling tiles are available in most of the same patterns as solid and aged solid copper tiles, and you can also have custom tiles designed. The aluminum tiles are constructed for nail-up and drop-in ceiling installations.

Copper Decorative Ceiling Tile Installation Options

Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ lines of copper ceiling tiles are designed with the DIYer in mind. Styrofoam and faux-tin tiles can be glued over most existing ceiling surfaces with very little preparation work normally required. If your existing ceiling is in bad shape or you have exposed joists, faux-tin, solid copper, and polished copper tiles can be installed as part of a drop-in ceiling system. Lastly, if you want the look of an authentic old-time metal ceiling, solid and polished copper tiles can be nailed into place. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers helpful online tips on all three installation methods for copper ceiling panels as well as instruction videos that take you through the entire process.

Copper Decorative Ceiling Tile Accessories

While decorative copper ceiling tiles can enhance any room, it’s often the accessories that provide the finishing touch. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers a complete line of trims such as cornices and fillers to accent your copper tile ceiling as well as sleeves and cuffs for your drop-in copper tile application.