Nail-Up Ceiling Tiles

Nail-up Decorative Ceiling Tiles

It's difficult to beat an original: That's why nail-up ceiling tiles have been a favorite of builders and homeowners for more than a hundred years. Nail-up ceiling tile installation is easy, and the intricate designs of these decorative tiles can be used to completely transform a room from dull to exciting in a matter of an afternoon. The big advantage you have over those homeowners of a generation ago is the multitude of ceiling tile options to choose from when decorating a room or an entire level of your home. Whereas your grandparents could only choose nail-up tiles made of natural tin in one of the few designs offered, your toughest job may be deciding which of the more than 200 patterns and 75 finishes is right for your home.

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Nail-Up Decorative Ceiling Tile Compositions

Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers nail-up tiles in three distinctive materials for home and commercial applications:

  • Tin-Coated Steel: These steel ceiling tiles are very similar to the tin ceiling tiles that have been in use for decades in homes of just about any architectural style. Tin tiles are the most budget-friendly of the three varieties of nail-up tiles, but they require painting on both sides to preserve their timeless beauty. Spray application of paint is preferable due to the intricacies of most designs.
  • Aluminum: Nail-up aluminum ceiling tiles are available in a mill finish that can be painted at your home to match your room’s décor, or choose one of the more than 75 prefinished colors that allow you to complete your ceiling in one easy step. Colors range from chocolate to emerald and just about anything you can imagine in between. Aluminum nail-up ceiling tiles cost a little more than tin tiles but are still priced to fit just about any installation budget.
  • Copper: Whether you’re after the appearance of aged elegance or casual comfort, it may be difficult to beat the look of Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ copper and aged copper nail-up ceiling tiles. The tiles are solid copper, and just like the tin and aluminum tiles, they are available in more than 200 patterns that are sure to match almost any décor. Copper tiles and nail-up ceiling panels are the most expensive of the nail-up varieties, but they’re still very affordable when remodeling an average-sized room.

Accessories for Any Application

Whether you’re planning a DIY installation or hiring a professional contractor, Decorative Ceiling Tiles has the accessories you need for the job or to add the finishing touches to the room. Choose from items such as:

  • Nails: During the days when skilled craftsmen installed nail-up tiles in Victorian homes, they used nails very similar to these but without the numerous color options available to match or contrast with the tiles and steel ceiling panels. The nails in our shop feature a cone-shaped head, are about 1 inches long, and are sold by the bag.
  • Moldings: Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers moldings for nail-up ceiling tiles such as cornice, chair-rail, baseboard, and toe-kick that can be used to complement your nail-up ceiling tiles. The moldings are available in numerous styles and sizes and in more than 75 finishes to match or contrast with your tiles and room décor. Cornice moldings can provide the perfect solution for covering those rough tile edges around the perimeter of the room.
  • Fillers: Just as the name suggests, this metal trim is used to fill gaps and spaces during your nail-up ceiling tile installation. You can buy them in numerous styles, sizes, and finishes to match most tin, aluminum, and copper ceiling tiles.

Nail-Up Ceiling Tile Designs

It’s almost impossible to describe the many designs available in tin, aluminum, and copper nail-up decorative ceiling tiles. There are styles to complement colonial, modern, Victorian, and many, many more interior design favorite styles. If one of the more than 200 patterns doesn’t strike your fancy, it’s even possible to have custom tiles created. One method for doing a comparison to ensure you’re making the right choice is to order samples of your favorites online before you make your final purchase.

Easy Installation

It doesn’t get much more DIY-friendly than being able to simply nail your new decorative ceiling tiles in place, and if you have any questions, there are step-by-step instructions and helpful videos on this site to take you from start to finish. You’ll learn where to begin your installation, how to trim tiles to fit at the perimeter of the room, what tools are needed, and what type of prep work may be necessary before you begin. Even if you plan to hire a contractor, they may find Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ many installation tips for hanging steel ceiling tiles helpful before getting started on your project.

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