3D Wall Panels Installation

Steps to Install 3D wall panels

  • Before you are going to install the tiles, Clean and free of loose paint on the surface.
  • Plan ahead the layout of the panels on the wall.
  • Using a level you may draw the panels on the wall before installing them.
  • Apply glue on wall and panel (Instant Grab #310 is recommended)
  • First install the full panels, do all the cutting at the end.
  • Prime panels.
  • Use the sandable drywall compound to fill the gaps between panels and sand them smooth (use fine sandpaper - 220 and up and do not apply too much pressure on the panels once sanding)
  • Apply coat of primer over the joints and paint the panels .



  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife (with new blade)
  • Small tray for adhesive and foam roller
  • Glue (Instant Grab #310)
  • Chalk line
  • Drywall compound / putty knife
  • Level / Carpenter's square
  • Sandpaper (number 220 and up)