How Do You Attach Faux Wood Beams to the Ceiling?

How Do You Attach Faux Wood Beams to the Ceiling?

When many would-be DIYers ask, "How do you attach wood beams to the ceiling?" they're imagining a tough project. In reality, it's a straightforward task that can be broken down into a few steps.


Measure the faux wood beams and cut them to the right size. You may be able to skip this step if you ordered custom-made faux wood beams.


Mark out where the beams should be placed on your ceiling using a ruler, a level, and painter's tape. Place the tape on the borders of where each beam will be placed. This will make lining up the beams much easier.


Use a stud finder to figure out where you will place the support blocks for your beams.


Place the wood blocks at the locations you marked with the stud finder. These blocks are small and light, and they serve as an anchoring point for your beams.


Apply glue to the borders of the faux wood beams.


Have a partner help you lift and set the beams evenly along the borders you marked with painter's tape.


Let the glue dry before moving on.


Find the spots you marked where you installed wood supports, then nail the sides of the beams into the wood supports.


Clean up excess glue that might have squeezed out along the edges.


Fill any damage or holes with wood filler.

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