Classic Tin Ceiling Tiles - 12" Patterns

Tin Ceiling Tiles 12" Patterns

Whether you are trying to update the plain ceiling in your home or make your business more appealing to the public, our residential and commercial ceiling tiles can do the trick. Although many people consider changing the carpet or wallpaper during a home makeover, a decorative ceiling can also make a big difference. Learn about your options to ensure that you make the right investment.

Types of Ceiling Tiles

When it comes to ceiling tile patterns, there are many different types of tile to choose from. Some might display flower-like patterns, while others might have a kaleidoscope-like pattern. Ceiling tiles come in various sizes and materials. Whether you want to have 24 x 24 aluminum, styrene, PVC, or copper tiles installed or whether you prefer 12 x 12 tin ceiling tiles, you can find them on our website. Some tile styles you’ll find on our website include classic, contemporary, tropical, and Victorian. Ceiling tiles also come in various sizes, including 12 x 12 ceiling tiles. The method of installation depends on the 12-inch ceiling tiles that you choose. Tiles can either be drop-ins or nail-ups. If you’re not sure how many 12 x 12 ceiling tiles you need to purchase, you can always use the measuring tool on our website to get an estimate. You can also call us for further assistance or use the live chat function on our site.

Installing Ceiling Tiles

You can browse through our online shop from the comfort of your home. After you buy the 12 x 12 ceiling tiles of your choice online, you must figure out how to have them installed. If you enjoy do-it-yourself tasks, you might be able to install the tiles yourself. However, if you want to prevent making mistakes, you might be better off having a professional install the tiles. We have a network of installers throughout the United States. The search function on our website can help you find an installer in your state.

Founded in 2006, Decorative Ceiling Tiles is a family-owned business. We are proud of the quality customer service we provide. When you install our 12-inch ceiling tiles in your home, you will have a smile on your face each time you walk through the door. Our tiles can spruce up a plain, dull room and make it your favorite room in the house.