Faux Wood Beams vs. Real Wood Beams: Why Faux May Be the Real Choice

Faux Wood Beams vs. Real Wood Beams

When comparing faux wood beams vs. real wood beams, many people automatically assume that authentic wood beams are the best option. But this isn't necessarily the case. Faux wood beams have many inherent properties that often make them a much better option for a variety of reasons.

Five Reasons Why Faux Wood Beams Are a Better Option for Your Home Than Real Wood

From cost-effectiveness to reduced labor, faux wood beams have several advantages over real wood alternatives.

1. Faux Wood Beams Are Inexpensive

Anyone who's looked into purchasing real wood beams for their home is familiar with how expensive they can be. This high cost can be prohibitive to many looking to update their home's look, but faux wood beams can provide the same aesthetic at a much lower price point.

2. Faux Wood Beams Are Easy to Install

Real wood beams are extremely heavy, which can make them difficult and cumbersome to install correctly. This is especially true if you're placing them on your ceiling, which may require additional support beams for the increased weight. If you're looking to install real wood beams in your home, you'll likely need to bring in a professional to assist with the installation.

Faux wood beams, on the other hand, are considerably lighter. This makes them so simple to install that in some situations, it may only require one person to do the work.

3. Faux Wood Beams Require Less Maintenance

When working with real wood beams, you'll often need to stain them prior to installation. This is something you don't need to worry about with faux wood beams, as they are delivered already designed to have the natural look of wood.

4. Faux Wood Beams Are Durable

Faux wood beams will not rot or deteriorate in the same way real wood beams do. They can last significantly longer than real wood, which helps reduce the cost and labor that goes into maintaining the look of your home. Additionally, faux wood beams are resistant to pest problems. They're made from a polyurethane material that pests like termites aren't attracted to.

5. Faux Wood Beams Are Practical

While faux wood beams can add a nice aesthetic element to your home, they can also serve a multitude of functional purposes. They are a great low-cost way of covering up cracks in your walls, and since they're hollow, they're also highly useful for hiding unsightly wires or pipes throughout the house.

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