Faux Wood Beams - Made in USA

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy?

  • Made of lightweight High Density Foam (HDF)
  • Impressions take of real wood beams
  • Easy Installation
  • Made to size specifications
  • 5 textures and 7 colors

What are Faux Wood Beams?

Faux wood beams are a cost-effective and budget-friendly way to add some character and even some drama to a space to improve the overall aesthetic. These decorative beams can be used to effectively accent the ceiling and can offer the room a certain degree of warmth and sophistication with the natural wood look.


Advantages of Faux Wood Beams

There are many ways that we can see how faux wood beams are currently trending. Can you recall ever going into a home and seeing the wood beams? Do you think you could tell the difference between real and natural wood and faux wood if the opportunity to do so presented itself to you?

Faux wood beams offer a very realistic appearance and are typically constructed with molds of actual timber beams,and this offers some of those characteristics that are needed to make it hard to tell the difference between the faux wood and real wood.


The Promise of Versatility

Faux wood beams offer a lot in the way of versatility. They can be installed in any room you choose, and they can be placed several different ways. For example, they can be installed horizontally or can even be crisscrossed for a more complex look and style. They also add a lot of character and style to high ceilings.



Next to versatility, faux wood beams are also very durable and can withstand a lot of time and a lot of use. While real wood will eventually begin to split, rot, and chip; the faux wood beams, when properly cared for, will maintain their appearance for many years to come. They also require little to no maintenance at all to keep them looking their best.


Easy Installation

While a lot of labor is involved in installing faux wood beams, it is still a relatively easy and straightforward process,and with a little time and patience, you can easily accomplish this project and install the beams yourself. The faux wood beams are constructed to be lightweight which means you should be able to carry the beams yourself as well.


Many Available Design Choices

There is a plethora of styles, colors, finishes, and designs you can choose from when purchasing faux wood beams for your home or business. Is there a certain décor and style you are trying to mimic? Then you can find faux wood ceiling beams that are not finished and can be painted yourself. Stain and paint are just two ways you can customize the beams yourself.

If you do not want to customize the faux wood ceiling beams yourself, then you also have the option of other texture and color choices, so you are sure to find something that will fit seamlessly into your design.


Ideas for Faux Wood Beams

Lately, we are seeing more and more homes and businesses that are gravitating toward exposed ceiling beams to add charm and character to the space. Faux wood beams are made to perfectly complement a high or vaulted ceiling and offer an easy and affordable way to recreate this architectural design, without breaking the bank.

Faux wood beams can also make a good frame for a doorway if you want to achieve a more rustic wood appearance. They are also useful to hide support beams and are a decorative and functional addition to any room. They can also be used to create a stunning fireplace mantel.

Also, keep in mind that faux wood beams are hollowed out, unlike real wood beams. This lends favorably to being used to hide any exposed pipes, electrical wires, or other things you want to go unnoticed in the space.


Faux Wood Beams Installation Instructions