Unexpected Places to Use Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 20th Jan 2015

When you work in an industry long enough, you start to see all kinds of opportunities to use your products that you never thought existed. With ceiling tiles, my wife and I turn into one of those infomercials that shows you a dozen great uses for a product that was only designed for one purpose. The kinds of ceiling tiles we sell are works of art, and you can use them to enhance so much more than just the ceilings in your home.

Faux Leather Ceiling Tile

Accent wall with Crystal Palace

Create Your Own Accent Wall

If you look at our website and see a ceiling tile that really catches your attention, you may start to wonder why you cannot stop staring at that tile. The reason is that you see the potential to create what is called an accent wall in one of the rooms of your home using that ceiling tile.

Normally, an accent wall is one that is painted a complimentary but different color than the rest of the room. For example, a room with black walls may have a white accent wall to add some character to the room. With our ceiling tiles, you can create one impressive accent wall and really make your interior decor stand out.

Ceiling Tile

Photo by Mike Mozart (Flickr)

Try Them in the Bathroom or Kitchen

Are you interested in a decorative backsplash that will be the focal point of your kitchen? Then check out our tiles and find a pattern that would light up your kitchen sink area. How about the walls of your bathroom? You have a tile floor and a tile ceiling, so why not also put in tile walls? Picture our tiles in different areas of your home and you will start to see a wide range of possibilities.

Bamboo Pulp Wall Panel

Bamboo Pulp – 3D Wall Panel

Your Finished Basement Needs More Tile

If you have a finished basement, then use our ceiling tiles to decorate your walls and the floor supports that hold up the rest of the house. One of the most difficult parts of decorating a basement is finding something that makes your floor supports look interesting. Our ceiling tiles can be cut any way you want to make your floor supports match the tiles that you put up on your finished basement walls.

Decorate the Garage

If your house is like millions of others, then you drive into a garage that has unfinished walls and a pretty drab look. You can put up some drywall and then cover the drywall in our decorative tiles to add some flair to your garage. You can choose a separate design for your garage ceiling and surround your cars in beautiful artwork.

When you have art that can be placed in a home, it is easy to find multiple ways to utilize that art. When you browse our ceiling tiles, you may look at a particular design and think that it would look great on your bathroom walls. We encourage you to go ahead and put our ceiling tiles on your bathroom walls or anywhere else you think they can have the maximum effect.

Milan Jara

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