DIY Holiday Decorations

Written by Milan Jara on 2nd Dec 2014

Christmas is the time when people get together to exchange gifts, see relatives they only see once a year, and get creative. I love the holidays because they give me a chance to show everyone just how creative I can be with my DIY decorations. But, since it is the time for giving, I want to give a little credit to some other creative people who put some serious effort into creating awesome Christmas decorations. Here are some excellent DIY holiday decoration ideas you can try:

DIY Snowman

Photo By Tina D (Flickr)

Can Advent Calendar

Sometimes being creative means keeping things simple to make the maximum impact. I loved this can advent calendar from the moment I saw it. It’s the kind of project the entire family can create and then use together all holiday season long. It’s simple, easy to make, and cheap!

Snow-Covered Christmas Trees

Have you been wondering what to do with old lace or fabric you have sitting around? You can turn your excess bits of fabric into tabletop, snow-covered Christmas trees with this simple DIY decoration project. Take some poster board and roll it up to create a cone. You can choose to cut the base flat, or you can leave it uneven to give it a more natural look. Then wrap the cones in your old fabric pieces and you’ll have snow-covered Christmas trees! You can use glue to keep the coverings in place. This project is even more fun if you have red, gold, or green fabrics that are different colors and have patterns on them.

Christmas Bow Wreath

If you are like me, then you buy Christmas bows every year but you rarely ever use them. The result is bags and bags of bows that do nothing but take up space. You can use those bows to make a Christmas bow wreath and add some color to your decor. All you need is a bare Styrofoam wreath from the local art supply store. After purchasing that one item, you can start stapling bows to the wreath. If you don’t feel like spending money on a Styrofoam wreath, then use two different sized bowls to draw a wreath pattern on a piece of cardboard you have lying around and cut that out for your Christmas bow wreath foundation.

Bottle Cap Snowmen

I love being creative and I love seeing what other creative people can accomplish when they set their mind to it. If you have some white spray paint, ribbon, three bottle caps, some glue, and magic markers, then you can make bottle cap snowmen. Spray paint three bottle caps white on both sides and let them dry overnight. Then glue the three bottle caps to a piece of ribbon to create the snowman’s body. Use the magic markers to draw in the snowman’s face and there you have it. You can also add glitter if you want, or you can even use black construction paper to cut out a little top hat and give your bottle cap snowmen some class.

Christmas is a time when you want to let your creativity flow. If you get good at making some of these DIY decorations, then you may even be able to give them out as gifts. Have fun and enjoy your holidays!

Milan Jara