Before and After: The difference a new ceiling can make in a room

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Oct 2014

My wife and I are partial to decorative ceilings, but there is plenty of practical evidence to prove that a new ceiling can make a huge difference in a room. Check out the picture included in this post and try to imagine that room with a plain ceiling. Not only would the room be boring, but it would have no color. The ceiling makes the room and that can be the case in any kind of remodeling project you are planning.

Italian Room: Fancy Ceiling

Photo By: daveynin (Flickr)

Contrasting Colors Work Very Well

My life kind of revolves around ceiling tiles, but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate a good painted ceiling. On the contrary, I have done a few very impressive painted ceilings in my career and I find that contrasting the colors of the ceiling with the rest of the room really opens up the space. You would think that contrasting colors would make the room feel smaller, but even contrasting dark colors can make a room feel open and add character to it.

Printed Metal Ceiling Tiles

The look of copper or steel ceiling tiles is always in sharp contrast to the rest of the room. But what really helps metal ceiling tiles to add something special to a room are the printed designs. There are myriad printed metal ceiling tile options out there for you to explore that will definitely make your room into something special. For example, you could install metal ceiling tiles with the printed image of a smiling moon for your child’s bedroom. The printed image adds something and it can be spectacular when the natural light hits it just right.

Mosaic Tile Ceilings

I am a ceiling tile expert and an artist. If you want proof, you only need to check out some of the mosaic ceiling tile work my wife and I have done in the past. A well-designed ceiling mosaic can be mesmerizing as well as enchanting. If you really want to see what a ceiling can do to add something to a room, then invest in a mosaic tile ceiling and watch that room pop. There is nothing like it and I recommend using a variety of colorful tiles to create a memorable image.

Hardwood Ceilings

The novelty of seeing a floor on the ceiling just never seems to wear off for some people. One of the great things about hardwood ceilings is that they act like a blank canvas for someone who has a creative mind. By using molding and other wood enhancements, you can create a ceiling that will grab people’s attention and add a very special element to any room.

The reason I am partial to ceilings is because I see design potential that others miss. When you put a colorful or unique ceiling in a room, it gives the entire house character. A good ceiling can turn any room into a display room and a well-designed ceiling can enhance the value of your home. When you have the right kind of ceiling artist working on your ceiling projects, then you will get the chance to see just how much of an impact your ceiling can make on the look of your home.

- Milan Jara

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