Can You Put Ceiling Tiles Over Drywall?

Steampunk Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

While renovating your home, you may be considering all the different options you can do to make your space pop, including asking yourself questions like, "can you put ceiling tiles over drywall?" There are some ceiling tiles with gorgeous designs that would make great backsplashes! While you may not think to put ceiling tiles over drywall because it doesn't seem sturdy enough, it's actually what most people use.

Keep in mind that you can't put ceiling tiles over drywall in every place in your home. Areas exposed to excessive moisture like the shower are not a good place to add ceiling tiles over drywall as water can seep behind the tiles and cause excessive mold, pest infestation, and damage.

While the bathroom may not be the best place for putting ceiling tiles over drywall if you're wondering, "can you put ceiling tiles over drywall in the kitchen," the answer is yes. The tiles are safe in the kitchen because they won't be exposed to large amounts of water. As long as you prepare your drywall with the right mortar for the project, you can add whatever ceiling tile design you like to your home redesign.