Are Ceiling Tiles Asbestos?

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Ceiling tiles are not made out of asbestos, but asbestos used to be a common additive for ceiling treatments. It was sometimes mixed in the paper backing used on some tiles. It could also be present in adhesives used to stick ceiling tiles to other materials. Before the dangers of asbestos were understood, there was a ceiling material made from asbestos called "popcorn ceiling." A popcorn ceiling isn't made from tiles. You'll recognize it from the bumpy texture covering the surface. Modern popcorn ceilings do not include asbestos, but be very careful if you don't know the age of your popcorn ceiling.

It may be best to have a professional evaluate it and replace the ceiling safely. You can rest assured that no modern ceiling tiles contain asbestos now that we know the danger the material presents. Anything you purchase from Decorative Ceiling Tiles will be safely asbestos-free. We only advise you to be careful if you're covering up old ceilings that may contain asbestos and recommend you get professional help from a contractor.

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Buy Ceiling Tiles in Bulk & Get 10% - 15% off + Free Shipping

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