Can Ceiling Tiles Be Used on Walls?

Pyramid Illusion Styrofoam Ceiling Tile

Although intended to stick to the ceiling, our decorative tiles can be installed on a wall as well. Paneled walls are growing in popularity, and ceiling tiles are a very affordable and simple way to get this look. Any of our ceiling tiles could be glued to the wall just as easily to a wall as they could be glued to the ceiling. The only caveat to keep in mind is how much damage your walls might receive.

If you have children who touch the wall or are rough with furniture that slides into the wall, you'll risk panels falling down or getting damaged. They are intended for a ceiling where they won't get touched or dinged by furniture, feet, or elbows. The tiles may stain or not hold up as well on the walls, but they are much more cost-effective than buying wood or plaster paneling or installing brand-new walls. So, can ceiling tiles be used on walls? Yes, but there may be better options available to you, such as decorative paneling.