Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Apr 2015

When spring starts to come around, you’ll probably want to fling open some windows and bring in that fresh air into your home. Some people will stop there and call that spring cleaning. But, let’s be honest. Houses require a little tender loving care every once in a while, and there is no better time to thoroughly clean than when the world feels new in the spring. While you are spring cleaning, be sure that you get those hard to reach areas that everyone else seems to forget. A full cleaning will get your year off to a great start.

Spring Cleaning

Photo via Chiot’s Run Flickr

Ceiling Fans

Do you have ceiling fans? If so, when was the last time you took a telescoping dusting cloth and cleaned off the blades and lighting fixture? If it has been years since you even touched that ceiling fan, then get out the duster and make that fan look brand new.

Sconces and Light Fixtures

We turn them on and then we turn them off, but we barely pay much attention to the wall fixtures that give us light. How about those decorative sconces? They looked great when you first put them up, but that gray hue they have taken on is actually dust, which means it is time for a cleaning. Take the covers off the lighting fixtures and clean them thoroughly and then do the same for your sconces.


Look up at your ceilings and see the cobwebs and dust that have collected in the corners. Oh my; is that a daddy longlegs? Now is a good time to use that telescoping dusting device to clean your ceilings and make them look great for spring. If you have metal ceiling tiles or some other type of hard ceiling surface, then buy the proper type of cleaner and really make your ceilings shine. If they’re in bad enough shape, investing in a coat of paint or some ceiling tiles might be best.


The floor duster and the vacuum don’t quite reach the corners of your rooms, so those corners often collect dust and debris. Get your vacuum out, put on the hose with its nozzle attachment, and get into those corners and make them look great. It only takes a few minutes, but you will be shocked at the difference it makes.

Closets and Pantries

If you really want to make your house feel fresh for spring, then clean out those closets and pantries and really give your home a fresh start. Get rid of all of the old food, boots, coats, and anything else that is just taking up space and then get in there and really clean the shelves and walls. The first time you open the pantry after cleaning it is when you will realize that it was definitely worth it.

Spring is on its way and your house needs some help in getting ready. Get out the cleaning supplies and work your magic to make your home fresh and new for the start of a new spring season.