How Color Can Change Your Mood

Written by Milan Jara on 12th May 2015

In the world of interior design, we learn that colors can change the way a room looks or feels. For example, brighter colors tend to make a room feel larger, so we use those colors in smaller rooms. But did you know that colors can also affect the way you feel? Understanding how colors can affect your moods could change everything you think you know about interior design.

Colorful Room

Photo By: George Rex (Flickr)

Blue In The Kids’ Rooms

Blue is a color that tends to make people feel quiet and relaxed. Blue can also calm angry people and help to bring order in times of chaos. That sounds like the perfect color to put in your kids’ bedrooms, doesn’t it? If the color of the walls in the kids’ rooms can calm them down, then imagine the stress that would remove from your life.

Brown For The Living And Family Rooms

Brown is an earth tone and, by its nature, is an inviting color. Brown has a tendency to make people feel content and even cozy in a particular spot. This sounds like the perfect color to use in a room like the living room or family room. A medium shade of brown that is not too rich or not too light will do the trick.

White Could Inspire People To Clean Your Bathroom

Have you ever wondered why so many bathrooms are painted white? It is because white is a color that makes a room feel sterile or clean. It makes you wonder how many people paint their bathroom walls white in the hopes that it will inspire guests to keep the bathroom clean and even motivate the kids to help clean the bathroom once in a while.

Yellow Accents

Through the years, we have found yellow to be a very odd color to work with. In large doses, yellow makes people feel aggressive and almost violent. But when used as an accent color for trim work and even wall design accents, a little yellow can help to make people feel happy. We still do not understand how a color can make people feel both happy and violent, but we have learned to respect the power of the yellow.

Purple In The Sewing Room

If you have a room where you like to feel creative, then we recommend using purple as the color theme in that room. Purple has an air of royalty to it, but it also tends to help the creative juices flow. We always recommend that people use purple in their sewing rooms because it tends to inspire some pretty neat results.

Anyone who wants to alter the interior of their home needs to understand and respect the power of colors. Red makes people aggressive, while blue makes people feel content. Choosing colors for an interior design project can be a roller coaster that seems to never make any sense. If you happen to make the wrong choices in your interior colors, however, don’t worry! You can always repaint.

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