Easy (And Creative) Children’s Halloween Costumes You Can Make On Your Own

Written by Milan Jara on 30th Sep 2014

My wife and I are big believers in getting the best value for our money. We believe in it so much that we also do our best to offer great value to our clients. Raising children can get expensive, and every parent wants to find ways to save money but still deliver what their children want and need. As creative people, we focused in on creating Halloween costumes that would be inexpensive but fun for the kids as well. I promise that we did not make any costumes out of ceiling tiles, but we do have some suggestions that you just might like!

Children In Halloween Costumes

Photo by epSos.de (Flickr)

A Dragon Costume

Kids always love dragons and dinosaurs, which means that dragon costumes are popular with infants and toddlers. How easy is it to make a dragon costume for your kids? All you need is a plain hat, a onesie, some sponges, and sewing supplies. Cut the sponges in half from corner to corner and you have dragon fins. Sew a few together and you have a dragon tail. Sew the fins on the back of the hat and the onesie and you have your simple but effective dragon.

A Little Hippie

Sometimes, easy costumes make the best ones. If your child seems prone to zoning out and enjoys listening to jam band music, then a hippie costume is in order. A pair of jeans cut off just below he knee, a tie-dyed T-shirt, and a tie-dyed bandanna are all you need to turn your little trick-or-treater into a hippie.

A Firefighter

Little boys especially often want to grow up to be firemen, so you should give them what they want with a simple costume you can make on your own. The only things you will need to buy would be silver paint and a plastic firefighter helmet. Take two plastic soda bottles and glue them together. After they dry, paint them silver and you have oxygen tanks. You can tie the tanks to your child with string. A red shirt, red sweatpants, black sneakers or shoes, the hat, and the oxygen tanks, and you have a firefighter all ready to protect the people.

A Superhero

Instead of investing hundreds of dollars to make your little one into Batman, you can spend a lot less and still get the same results. You can make a superhero costume from some colorful felt and an old bed sheet. Get creative with the felt and make a superhero logo and mask for your child. You may also want to make a utility belt out of felt because every superhero has a utility belt. Cut the old bed sheet into a cape and use the felt to put the logo on the cape as well. Glue will hold everything in place unless you plan on reusing the outfit for another time. If you want to reuse the clothes, then safety pins work fine as well.

If you do decide to dress up your children as ceiling tile artists for Halloween, then that would be great! But if you do not, then just think outside of the box a little and you will come up with some great ideas.

- Milan Jara