How an Interior Stone Wall Will Transform Your Home

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Feb 2022

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Pecan

You can’t go wrong with an interior stone wall to give your home or commercial space a facelift. Check out these design ideas for some inspiration.

You are probably quite familiar with the rustic, natural, earthy look of an interior stone wall made of natural stone, but have you thought about replicating the look with transformative faux stone products?

Faux stone or stone veneer works exceptionally well to transform your living space from dull and boring to warm and inviting, creating a look you'll want in your home for years to come.

You can choose faux stone panels, natural stone veneer, or faux stacked stone when you want to bring a fresh, new look into your living space.

This article explores ways to transform your space with new-look interior stone walls using faux stone rather than the bulky and more expensive natural stone.

Let's take a peek inside!

8 Ways an Interior Stone Wall Will Transform Your Space

Whether you are installing an interior wall made of faux stone at home or in the office, you can easily and quickly transform your space with easy installation and simple maintenance.

Here are eight ways an interior faux stone wall when you want to bring a fresh, new look into your living space.

Enhancing Focal Points

Focal points in your space are places where you want to create optimum visual interest, such as a wall in your living room, wet bar, dining room, kitchen, entryway, or even powder rooms. You can create stone accent walls here using faux stone.

You might want a TV wall or the fireplace to be the focal point in your living room. These two design ideas go well with faux stone. You can cover the entire wall with faux stone, leaving space only for the outlets and other necessary adjustments.

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Natures Spirit

The result is a faux stone wall that looks different from all your other interior walls, drawing attention and thus becoming the number one focal point or eye-catcher. You and your guests can enjoy this inviting stone accent wall view for the long haul.

The good thing about faux stone is that there are plenty of options to choose from, including natural stone-style faux stones, to create an accent wall that mimics the perfect look of a natural stone accent wall.

Creating a Fresh Look

Whenever you want to reinvent your home or office, it's advisable to hire experienced interior designers to help you decide on the best plan.

Once you and your interior designer agree to use faux stone, you can go ahead and buy your desired faux stone products, like faux stacked stone panels.

The idea with using faux stone is to replicate the natural look of real stone, which is easy to do with faux stone panels or stone veneer.

For example, you can give new life to a plain wall by covering it with faux stone veneer or panels. Each panel should fit well against its partner to ensure no spaces are left where the former wall is visible.

To enhance the look of your space more, faux stone products come in various colors, designs, textures, sizes, and styles.

For example, our faux stone panels come in multiple colors, including Coconut White, Cappuccino, Sandstone, Canyon Brown, and Gray Fox, among others.

Canyon’s Edge Stack Stone Panel – Natures Spirit

The sizes of our faux stacked stone corners and panels also vary. At the same time, the styles range from Canyon Edge, Earth Valley, Lightning Ridge, Harvest Ledge Stone, Cascade, and Acacia Ledge, among others.

With faux stone, the best option to determine what will work for your space is to buy at least a square foot of your selected products and try them out to find the one that suits your room best.

Going Green

When you don't want to go through the difficult and lengthy process of installing natural stone to transform your space, you can use faux stone, which is easier to install because you don’t have to deal with cement or mortar.

You can use strong construction adhesive to stick the faux stone to your wall rather than using grout, which is messy and leaves your interior stone veneer wall looking like an exposed brick wall.

Go Green

Faux stacked stone veneer or stone panels made of urethane or polyurethane are an excellent choice when you want to go green in your home. Although these materials are artificial, they are more eco-friendly than other types of plastics.

Polyurethane is less destructive to the environment as it doesn't have any chemicals that interfere with water and soil pH, nor does it affect hormones. This material has been proven to be biodegradable.

Enhancing Heat and Noise Insulation

It's easy to overlook insulation as one of the ways a stone wall transforms your interior space. You can use faux stone to alter the design of your office or home and enhance the overall look.

A faux stone wall, though not as solid as natural stone walls or brick walls, is a great way to reduce heat loss and lower the amount of noise that filters through the wall.

A bare wall without faux stone or decorative brick facing loses a lot of heat and allows noise to drift through when you don't want it to. To trap more heat and reduce the amount of noise coming in or going out, you can decorate your space with faux stone.

Contrasting Texturing and Appearance Along Borders

Another way to create a stunning modern interior look is to experiment with different faux stone designs to contrast other interior surfaces, such as plaster walls, windows, and glass walls.

Stunning View of the Sea from the Bedroom

Where you have extensive glass walls and large windows with thin wall columns in between, install faux stone to contrast in texture and appearance with the larger surfaces.

The alternating faux stone and glass surfaces make your place look like it has stone pillars, breaking the monotony of the larger surfaces. Since glass spaces are smooth, the rough texture of faux stone adds a whole new feel to the space.

Saving on Space and Weight

Unlike natural stone, faux stone is lightweight and thin. It saves on weight and space, which is crucial when installing a stone wall to give your space a new look.

Natural stone is heavy and bulky, meaning it adds a lot of extra weight to the existing wall. You might end up ruining the entire wall or structure if it lacks proper structural integrity.

Faux stone is the way to go to reduce the weight and stress added to the existing drywall. The smaller stones and the artificial material mean that you add less weight to the wall.

Brightening Up Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best places in your home to relax and unwind. But you can't fully enjoy these moments if the space isn’t inviting.

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Biscotti Tan

When adding interior stone wall panels to your bathroom, the idea is to replicate the ambiance you find in commercial spas and salons to make it more inviting and relaxing.

To add warmth to your bathroom, apply faux stone on all or some of the walls. A radiant, smooth-textured faux stone facing is ideal.

Creating a Sense of Authenticity and Solidity

Although faux stone products like wall panels lack structural integrity, they are still an excellent option for the authenticity they bring to your space.

Faux stone products imitate the appearance of natural stone, which is more solid and has a great natural look.

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Natures Spirit

Just because faux stone products aren’t as solid doesn't take away from the fact that it recreates the look of a natural stone wall. You can successfully mimic this natural look with natural stone-style faux stones.

The lack of structural integrity only means that you can't build an ordinary stone wall with faux stone products. But, you can use them as decorative stones to make a feature wall or complement your home decor or wall decor.


Installing an interior stone wall doesn't have to be hard when you opt for faux stone. Transform your space with the rustic, natural, and earthy appearance of natural stone more easily and for a fraction of the price.

Faux stone can make your space look renewed, enhance the focal points, save on space, brighten your bathroom, and even provide insulation against heat loss and noise penetration.

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