Interior Faux Brick Wall Panels Installation - Here's What You Will Need

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Feb 2022

Faux Brick Wall Panel

You'll like faux brick wall panels on any interior wall in your home, be it in the living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. But what are they, and how do you install them yourself?

What are Faux Brick Wall Panels?

Faux brick wall panels are just like faux brick, except that the panels are large pre-assembled blocks rather than a single piece.

You can structurally and functionally liken faux brick wall panels to liner panels. Brick veneer, also known as thin brick or half brick, can be compared to stone veneer.

Brick veneer or veneer brick should not be confused with faux bricks or faux brick panels.

Brick veneer is a type of real brick that is thinner than actual brick and requires masonry if you want to place it on an already established wall. It is heavier than faux brick but lighter than real brick.

Faux brick wall panels imitate the shape, color, and texture of real bricks. They are used as decorative panels for aesthetic appeal rather than construction purposes since they lack structural integrity.

As evidenced by the word interior in the name, faux brick panels are meant to be installed on a wall inside the house and not on any exterior walls.

Why Faux Brick Wall Panels

People prefer faux brick wall panels because of their aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, and lightweight nature. This also applies to faux brick wall paneling.

Faux Brick Wall Panels Shortcomings

As beautiful as they are, faux brick wall panels are only intended as wall decor since their lack of structural integrity limits them to just that.

Additionally, you don't want to put them up on a wall in a house unless you are planning to leave them there long-term. The nails or screws used to install them poke holes into the drywall and may damage the wall covering.

Similarly, the construction adhesive you apply leaves a mark on the wall and will ruin any wall paint.

How to Install Interior Faux Brick Wall Panels

Faux Brick Wall Panel

Faux brick wall panels are much easier to install than faux bricks because the former comes as larger blocks rather than a single-piece faux brick or brick tile.

The unification into one large block means that brick wall panels, unlike faux bricks, involve fewer steps in the installation process. However, you can still mess up the DIY faux brick wall installation process if you do not do it correctly.

Below we discuss how to install interior faux brick wall panels. But first, here are the required tools and materials.

Tools for Installing Interior Faux Brick Wall Panels

For a smooth application or installation, you will need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver / screw gun / nail gun
  • Table saw / circular saw / hand saw / jigsaw
  • Putty knife
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Temporary mark pen (optional)
  • Caulking gun

Materials for Installing Interior Faux Brick Wall Panels

The following materials are necessary when installing interior faux brick wall panels:

  • Sanded caulk
  • Matched color grout or acrylic paint
  • Construction adhesive
  • Faux brick wall panels

Steps for Installing Interior Faux Brick Wall Panels

Below are the steps to follow when installing your faux brick wall panels to imitate a real brick wall.

Take Measurements of Installation Area

Before buying faux brick wall panels, measure the area where you want to install them, taking care to map out large openings such as the fireplace that do not require brick paneling.

The measuring process helps you estimate how many panels you need, depending on the size of each panel. To calculate the number of panels to buy, divide the total square foot area by the area of one decorative wall panel since all the panels are the same size.

Cut the Panels

You'll likely buy new faux brick panels that are ready to install right out of the box rather than used ones that require touching up because they had been installed somewhere earlier and then removed.

For new faux brick wall panels, start by mapping out the exact place on the wall where the panel will go on. If you need to cut the panel, you can use a table saw or any other suitable saw at hand.

Make your installation process easier by first lining up and cutting all the panels before beginning to install them. Remember to factor in adjustments for items like the fireplace, outlets, windows, doors, etc. You don't want to cover these with the panels.

After the first panel, you can determine where to place the next one by fitting it on the wall against the first one. The first panel acts as the guide panel. It's the one that will determine how the brick columns and rows will align for all the other panels.

Matching up the panels against each other before cutting also ensures a perfect fit, with the bricks and rows and columns well aligned. Once you’ve decided where each panel will go, you can cut them all appropriately so they are ready to go.

Label the Panels and the Wall Where Each Panel Goes

You can make the installation process even easier by making subtle markings, such as numbers on the back of the panel and the wall, to indicate where each panel goes.

Also, you can indicate on the back of each panel which one goes to the right or to the left to help you avoid any confusion that might arise. It's also important to indicate the top and bottom for each panel.

Clean the Wall

While this may seem like an unnecessary step, it's crucial if you want your faux brick wall panels to stay up for a long time. Ensure that the wall is dry and free of dust, mold, and any debris. If it has oil-based paint, you should sand down the surface.

Attach the Panels

Once the wall is clean, you can start attaching the panels one by one according to your markings.

Start with the first one, the guide panel, on the right and work toward the left. The guide panel should sit squarely against the corner or edge of the wall.

To attach each panel, apply a generous amount of construction adhesive on the wall and then fit the panel into place.

Secure each faux brick panel in position using screws or nails and a screw gun, screwdriver, or nail gun–whatever your preferred tool is that you have on hand.

The nails or screws should go into each panel corner with more along the middle and the sides. Drive them through the grooves rather than directly on the faux brick surface.

Since the nails or screws and adhesive may damage the wall behind the panel (which you might remove later some years down the line), you don't want to use too many of them. Eight to ten nails or screws is usually enough for each brick panel, though it could be more or less, depending on the panel's size.

Mount the remaining panels, putting each in its predetermined position up to the top until flush with each bordering ceiling panel or tile. Use the level to ensure adjacent panels are on the same level at the top. The bottom part will likely be level if the room is well built. Also, ensure you lay adjacent panels as close to each other as possible.

Apply the Finishing Touches

Your work isn't complete until you put the finishing touches on the faux brick wall panels. Some final touches include:

  • Apply sanded caulk along the seams to hide the divisions between adjacent panels and to further enhance the look.
  • Apply the matched color grout with the putty knife or your fingers or the matched color acrylic paint with a small brush on top of the screws or any visible nails to conceal them.

These small touches ensure the wall looks like one large seamless faux brick wall panel instead of several joined together. It enhances the aesthetics as well.

Do your best, then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


We have discussed installing interior faux brick wall panels that will give your wall the appearance of real bricks.

However, if you are unsure, don't be afraid to call in a professional to help with the installation. If you can’t decide which faux brick wall panels to use, you can consult an interior designer to help you with the best interior design approach for the walls in your home.

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