Stone Accent Wall With TV: 8 Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Feb 2022

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Natures Spirit

Looking for interior design ideas for your home that features a stone accent wall with a TV? Read through our list to find some inspiration.

We all want our homes to be as warm and inviting as possible, but it isn't always easy to achieve the right mix of elements. It gets even more challenging if you don't have the proper interior design knowledge.

This post explores eight interior design ideas you can use in your home to set up a stone accent wall with a TV using faux stacked stone panels. Before we dig in, let's go through some basics.

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is usually an interior wall that differs in design, color, material, or shade from the rest of the walls in a room. People sometimes refer to it as a feature wall.

Accent walls are usually used inside the home, but some people place them outside too, as the line between indoors and outdoors can sometimes be blurred. This trend is attributable to the growing desire to make outdoor spaces as welcoming as possible.

The wall that becomes the accent wall in a home is usually the room's focal point, such as the TV wall, the fireplace wall in the living area, or even the wall behind a headboard in the bedroom.

What is the Point of an Accent Wall?

An accent or feature wall draws attention to a section of a room that people might ignore. It becomes the room's focal point. The eyes can't help but get pulled in by the contrast the accent wall radiates against the backdrop of the other non-highlighted parts.

Accent walls add flair to otherwise dull rooms, even reconciling elements of the design that might not go together, such as the color scheme.

Ideally, an accent wall should complement a room's decor and add an air of unrivaled excitement. No other part of the room should compete with the accent wall.

Where Do You Place an Accent Wall?

You can put an accent wall anywhere in the house: in the bedroom, guest bedroom, children's room, nursery, kitchen, or living room. The idea is to pick a wall where you want the visual interest directed, like the fireplace.

In some instances, a feature wall may go on a wall with no focal point to reduce the awkwardness of a plain wall that otherwise would attract no visual interest.

How Do You Choose an Accent Wall?

When choosing an accent wall, ensure it is in a room that receives a lot of natural light and has plenty of space.

You should also pick the right color for the wall by selecting a bold color, but one that goes with the color of your room or other parts of your home.

Another factor to consider when deciding on an accent wall is the material you'll use. As mentioned, this post is about putting up a faux stacked stone panel accent wall.

Faux stone paneling is easy to install and keep clean, making it ideal for interior spaces that get moderately dirty.

Besides faux stone siding, you can use real brick, stone veneer, natural stone, or natural stone veneer. A brick wall is an excellent choice if you love the look of bricks, while a natural stone accent wall comes in handy if you like the natural, authentic look of real stone.

8 Interior Home Design Ideas to Implement a Stone Accent Wall With TV

Here are eight stone accent wall ideas you can implement in your home with a TV featured on the wall. Some key places for a stone accent wall are the living room, bedroom, and dining room.

Faux Stone Wall on a Low-key Focal Point Wall

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Natures Spirit

The idea here is to try to install faux stone paneling on a wall with no focal point at all or one with a low-key focal point. This wall could be a solid-looking one that doesn't receive enough natural light.

Stone Accent Wall With TV Against Multiple Stone Walls Backdrop

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Pecan

If you have multiple stone walls in your living space, you can do a TV mount on one of the walls. The TV becomes the focal point and differentiates it from the other walls with similar stone paneling.

Stone Accent Wall With TV Mounted Atop a TV Stand

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Coconut White

There's no harm in mounting a TV on or above a TV stand. These two go well together and make a great focal point against faux stone panels.

The TV stand serves as shelving where you can place other home decor such as artificial flowers, books, or knick-knacks. It also comes in handy when you lack shelving or storage in other areas of the room.

Stone Accent Wall With TV Above A Stone Fireplace

Canyon’s Edge Stack Stone Panel – Natures Spirit

Where you have an interior wall with a fireplace, you can mount a TV above it without worrying that the heat from the fireplace will damage the TV.

In this setup, the house itself reinforces the stone wall. The wood enhancements on the fireplace mantle and around the nearby windows add another layer of texture and warmth. The mantle serves as a platform for placing your TV remote and other home decor.

Stone Accent Wall With TV Strapped in a Nook

Lightning Ridge Faux Stone Panel – Natures Spirit

Sometimes, your TV wall is semi-hidden in a nook because it is mounted between other home features, such as a floor-to-ceiling wall unit.

Stone Wall With TV in a Room With Double Accents

Double accent walls are an excellent way to enhance the beauty of a home, especially in larger spaces and open floor plans. You can enhance this look further by mounting a TV on one of the walls to make it even more of a focal point.

Stone Accent Wall With TV in a Patio

Outdoor Bar White Stone Accent Wall with TV Niche

A patio is also a good place to implement accent wall ideas with a mounted TV. You can complete the look with a set of patio furniture and decor to match the natural outdoors look.

Stone Accent Wall With TV in a Spacious, Minimalist Room

Stone Accent Wall With Tv

Your TV wall may be in a spacious room with a minimalist design, leaving a lot of space empty. If you leave the wall behind the TV blank, you risk underscoring that wall as the room's focal point.

Bottom Line

There is no limit to how creative you can be when installing a stone accent wall with a TV in your home.

Whether you are installing the wall in the family room, bedroom, guestroom, or even the children's room, you can try any of the ideas above, depending on the existing features in your home.

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