Can You Have Faux Beams on a Vaulted Ceiling?

Written by Milan Jara on 17th Oct 2022

Faux Beams Vaulted Ceiling

Is a faux beam vaulted ceiling possible? In this article, we talk about adding faux beams to a vaulted ceiling.

Vaulted ceilings are a stylish way of improving the look and feel of your home. They bring out a lofty design that brings castles, cathedrals, and cottages to mind. Their unique nature and innovation bring charm and character into your home and add value to it.

If your home has a vaulted ceiling, you might have already considered installing faux beams. But can you add faux beams to this ceiling to enhance the design? The answer is yes, you can.

What to Consider

Adding beams to vaulted ceilings dates back to the 19th century, so you might find exposed beams on vaulted ceilings in houses constructed before the 1920s.

In the present times, adding exposed beams to your vaulted ceiling is more straightforward because you can use realistic-looking faux beams. However, back then, the beams were made from natural wood and were much larger and heavier.

Faux beams are made from polyurethane rather than typical wood and are lightweight. They look exactly like natural wood and are purely aesthetic. When installed, it’s hard for anyone to distinguish them from real wooden beams.

You can install faux beams on any ceiling without worrying that they’ll lead to the ceiling collapsing. However, it is best if you have an engineer assess your home to determine the amount of weight your ceiling can hold.

Adding faux beams to vaulted ceilings will surely boost the room's appeal, just like real wooden beams did back in the 19th century. The two designs complement each other perfectly without seeming like too much. You can add a faux wood ceiling beam in your dining spaces, living room, or any additional space you want in your home. It is the perfect way of adding the look of exposed ceiling beams without extensive remodeling or construction.

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Benefits of Installing Faux Beams on a Vaulted Ceiling

Some benefits of adding faux beams to your vaulted ceilings include:

1. They are a budget-friendly way of adding class and style to your ceiling.

Since faux beams are dense polyurethane that resembles natural wood, you’ll get to style your home at a much lower cost than installing natural wood. It is a budget-friendly way of adding class and style to your ceilings.

2. You can add them to ceilings that can’t support heavy wooden beams.

Faux beams are incredibly lightweight compared to natural wooden beams and are the perfect way to install an exposed beam on a ceiling that can’t support heavy wooden beams. However, it is essential to remember that faux beams also have some weight. Consult a professional before installing faux beams on a vaulted ceiling.

3. They help fill hollow spaces created by tall vaulted ceilings.

A tall vaulted ceiling tends to create a cavernous feeling in rooms. You can counter this feeling by adding trussed faux beams to the ceiling. The space will look less hollow and more interesting when combined with other accessories, such as hanging chandeliers.

4. They are easy to install.

Faux beams are incredibly easy to install. The lightweight material can be installed within a day or two and doesn’t require much labor. Here’s our detailed guide to installing faux beams.

7 Ideas for Installing Faux Beams on a Vaulted Ceiling

1. Exposed Faux Beams on a Skylit Vaulted Ceiling for Kitchens

Some faux beams have a rich dark stain that goes perfectly with the kitchen cabinets and furniture. You can use this unique characteristic to your advantage by adding cross-sectional faux beams to your kitchen’s vaulted ceiling. Skylights between the faux beams bring out an elegant dream kitchen.

Skylit Vaulted Ceiling

2. Dark Faux Beams on a Vaulted Ceiling

If you want a great way of adding style and character to your entertainment area, install dark faux beams on the vaulted ceiling. The design creates a contrasting look when paired with a white textured ceiling. It is the perfect way of improving the aesthetics of the entertainment area in your living room.

Dark Faux Beams on Vaulted Ceiling

3. White Faux Beams on Wooden Vaulted Ceilings

Do you want to add faux beams to your wooden vaulted ceiling in your home? Try white faux beams. The design makes your home look classy and appealing in an instant. You can further improve the design by installing lights on the faux beams. The result is a well-lit room with a tall ceiling.

White Faux Beams on Vaulted Ceiling

4. Rustic Faux Beams on a Vaulted Wall

Do you have tall vaulted ceilings in your home, especially in the living room or hall area? If so, adding exposed faux beams is the best way to style the space.

For this area, go with rustic faux beams, which look great on tall vaulted ceilings. It would be best if you complimented them by hanging large chandeliers in the middle shaft. The design instantly turns your living room into a desirable space that oozes class and style.

Rustic Faux Beams on a Vaulted Wall

5. Faux Beams with Trusses for a Vintage Décor

If you want to reduce the hollow feeling of your vaulted ceiling, go for faux beams with trusses. The A-framed faux beams will offset the open look in any space and add a vintage décor style. This design is perfect for a living room area. You can use rustic or dark faux beams, as either type fits the space.

Vintage Decor

6. Shabby Faux Beams on a Vaulted Library or Home Office Ceiling

You may want to add a shabby, low-profile faux beam that matches your vintage furniture. This faux wood beam design is best suited for those with a home office or library with a vaulted office. Go with a glossy white textured ceiling that matches your white walls and bookshelves. The result is an impressive, well-blended, spacious home library and office that makes you want to spend more time there.

Shabby Faux Beams

7. Faux Beams for a Loft Bedroom

Faux beams are the perfect addition to your vaulted bedroom ceiling. They create this stunning loft bedroom that feels cozy, homey, and inviting. When paired with white walls and ceilings, the design gives your bedroom this warm and comfortable appeal that you can only find in tropical hotels. It is the perfect way of turning your bedroom into a vacation-style suite.

Loft Bedroom

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