Volterra Custom Faux Wood Beams Made of High Density Foam

Written by Milan Jara on 2nd May 2022

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Volterra is the largest maker of faux wood beams in the US. The company’s high-density foam custom faux wood beams redefine your space.

Faux wood beams have become one of the most preferred ways of redefining residential and commercial spaces by adding warm character with the mimicked look of real wood.

If you are in the market for the best faux wood beams, you can't go wrong with the game-changing custom faux wood beams made by Volterra Architectural Products.

This article explores Volterra's high-density foam faux wood beams that contractors and homeowners now prefer to use to renew the look in homes and commercial spaces.

A Brief History of Volterra

Commonly known as Volterra, Volterra Architectural Products was founded in 2002 as a maker and distributor of plaster and stucco products together with cast stone accent products.

The company began making and distributing high-density polyurethane foam (HDF) construction products like faux wood planks and beams, tile accents, shutters, truss tails, corbels, and exterior architectural details.

Volterra has grown to become the largest manufacturer of faux wood beams in the US. In 2011, it also ventured into producing natural hardwood molding after acquiring an Arizona-based millwork and molding manufacturer.

Today, Volterra manufactures and showcases its products in its plant in Phoenix, Arizona, but sells to online distributors and other buyers in Canada and North America.

What Are Volterra Faux Wood Beams?

Volterra Faux Wood Beams

As the name suggests, Volterra's faux wood beams are fake beams that mimic the natural look of real wood. They are hollow inside, unlike solid real wood beams that are filled all around.

Volterra's faux wood beams are high-density polyurethane foam that is beautiful, highly durable, and lightweight. The foam the company uses is of premium quality. The company even has an in-house chemist who ensures the foam is of high quality.

The foam faux wood beams and other architectural details are made with care using state-of-the-art equipment and molding techniques to ensure durability, density, and beauty.

What Are the Different Textures of Volterra Faux Wood Beams?

Volterra Faux Wood Beams

Volterra makes its famous faux wood beam in six different textures to provide users with a wide range of options to choose from based on their tastes.

The six textures available include:

  • Tuscany
  • Doug Fir
  • Smooth
  • Rough Sawn
  • Hand Hewn
  • Sand Blast

Are Volterra High Density Foam Faux Wood Beams Beautiful?

Volterra Faux Wood Beams

Undoubtedly, faux wood beams from Volterra will redefine your space with their beauty, especially with the mimicked look of natural wood.

The beams are available in eight different colors. You can choose only one color for the entire installation space or several colors for a bold mix.

Volterra faux wood beams come in the following colors:

  • Dark Walnut
  • Primed
  • Mahogany
  • Gray
  • Driftwood
  • Oak
  • Light Walnut
  • Espresso

What Size Are Volterra Faux Wood Beams?

When planning a project, you'll want to estimate how many beams you will need to buy for a complete installation. To get the number, you divide the size of the space by the size of one beam and then add a mark up of about 15 percent to cover damages or an underestimation.

Volterra produces faux wood beam options with varying lengths, heights, and widths. The length varies from 4 feet to 30 feet. For example, you can buy a beam that’s 8 feet long and another measuring 10 or 20 feet long.

The widths of the beams vary from 4 inches to 30 inches. For instance, they offer a 4-inch wide beam versus a 28-inch wide faux beam.

Like the length and width, the height of the beams also varies. The beams can be between 4 and 30 inches high. Some even have odd heights, such as a 7.25-inch high beam.

When you combine all the three dimensions, you can have a beam with, say, measurements like 5" x 7" x 240" or 7" x 9" x 238".

Tell Me About the Custom Sizes

While Volterra makes its faux wood ceiling beams in standard sizes, the company accepts custom orders from clients based on the variations of their projects.

For instance, if you have an extra-large ceiling that you want to decorate with continuous beams rather than disjointed ones, you can ask the company to make them for you.

The size of the custom beams will be different from one customer to the other since each has unique needs based on the project at hand. Most of the time, these custom orders are for super long beams. When a short one is needed, you can buy it or cut a long one into something shorter.

Where Are Volterra HDF Faux Wood Beams Made?

Volterra makes its faux wood beams in the United States at its manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona.

Where to Install Volterra Custom HDF Faux Wood Beams

Whether you are installing faux beams as a DIYer or with the help of an installation expert, there are no limits to how creative you can get in design and installation places like the office, home, or garden.

The following are the most common places where you can install faux wood beams on walls or ceilings:

  • Basements
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Doorways
  • Hallways or entryways
  • Man caves
  • Fireplaces
  • Media rooms (video and game rooms)
  • Libraries or home study rooms
  • Offices
  • Porches, gardens, and backyard structures

Benefits of Volterra Custom Faux Wood Beams

Are faux wood beams any better than real wood beams? Should you buy Volterra custom or standard size faux beams? Check out the main benefits of faux wood beams below.

  • Fade-resistant, even when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • High versatility because they are available in different colors and textures. The faux beams can also be installed in many different places rather than just ceilings.
  • Their hollow nature makes them ideal for hiding unsightly things like poor workmanship, ducts, pipes, and electrical cables.
  • They replicate the highly desired look and decorative effect of real wood.
  • They are more affordable and cheaper to buy, install, and maintain than real wood beams.
  • It's easy to take them down at any time if changes are required.
  • Can be made more versatile by staining or painting.
  • Maintenance is easy and rarely needed.
  • Made of moisture-resistant material.
  • Unlike real wood, they are pest-resistant.
  • They are not labor-intensive, which means installation is easy and quick using frequently used accessories, tools, and equipment.


Whenever you have a project that requires faux beams, you can always try Volterra's custom faux wood beams that are made of highly durable high-density foam.

The faux wood decorative beams are unique and beautiful in their choice of eight colors and six textures that you can choose from depending on your preference. Furthermore, you can even have them made in custom sizes if the standard sizes do not conform with your specific project needs.

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