Faux Wood Ceiling Beams: Where and Why to Buy Them

Posted by Milan Jara on 3rd Aug 2018

Faux Wood Beams – Oak

Natural wooden beams in a hoe inspire a rustic, earthy, warm atmosphere. Something about old wood brings with it a history and individual story. If your home is built from modern materials, or if you live in an urban dwelling, then you probably don't have any real wooden beams exposed from your ceiling. Luckily, faux wood ceiling beams provide all of the natural aesthetic as real wood, at a fraction of the weight and cost. This article tells you where to buy faux wood ceiling beams and why they are a modern trend.



What are Faux Wood Ceiling Beams?

Faux Wood Beams – Light Walnut - Sand Blast + Light Walnut

Faux wood ceiling beams are specially designed and manufactured decorative structures that mount onto your ceiling. Though they are made to look identical to a wide range of woods, faux wood ceiling beams are in fact made of high-density polyurethane (HDP). The HDP is molded by machinery to mimic the exact grain, color, and texture of real wood. But, it is light enough to be installed by one or two people.

Faux wood beams are designed to span the length of the ceiling of a room, from end to end. The faux beam is hollow, with three solid sides. The fourth side is left exposed to accommodate exposed infrastructure. It fits over piping, wiring, and other exposed infrastructural eyesores on theceiling.



How are They Used?

Faux Wood Beams

An exposed ceiling beam draws the eye up and creates an illusion of greater ceiling height. Traditionally, exposed beams signified high ceilings. Faux beams are used to create the same effect.

A wooden ceiling beam can be installed to hide infrastructure, or for purely aesthetic reasons. True aged wooden beams are prohibitively expensive to purchase, ship and install. The labor is intensive since the beams can weigh nearly 1000 pounds. Faux beams offer all of the aesthetic value and much more convenience.



Faux Wood Ceiling Beams & Others

Adding a natural wood element to your ceiling will enhance the atmosphere and enjoyability of a room. There are three options for adding timbers to your ceiling. They can be combined or used exclusively. The choices are:


Classic Faux Wood Beams

Classic Faux Wood Beams

Classic faux wood ceiling beams are the standard ceiling beams, described above. They are used to hide exposed piping, wires, and more, and, to enhance the aesthetic and sophistication of a room. They are made of high-density polyurethane that is molded to resemble the color, texture, and grain of natural wood. These are perfect for foyers, entryways, and spanning large rooms.


Faux Wood Planks

Faux Wood Planks

If you are looking to cover the entirety of your ceiling with wood, faux wood planks are the way to go. They are perfect to use in combination with classic faux wood beams, trusses, and brackets. Together, faux wood planks create the atmosphere of an old, rustic, elegant castle. Used on their own, these planks can provide an earthy atmosphere without becoming the center of attention. They are also great for rooms with ceilings too low to accommodate beams, trusses, and brackets.


Faux Wood Trusses

Faux Wood Trusses

Faux wood truss systems are a great way to mimic the earthiness of a farmhouse in your urban dwelling. These units are large and surprisingly lightweight. Unlike the real thing, faux wood ceiling trusses are not intended to bear a structures weight, but, no one will ever know. They look exactly like the real thing, and you don't need a crew of workers to install it.

Faux wood trusses are perfect for homes with two story ceilings. The truss spans the width of a room. It comes down to the top of where therooms vertical wall stops and extends all the way to the point in the ceiling.

They add an instant rustic charm to your home and an additional spark to the interior. Your design can incorporate faux wood beams and trusses across your home, giving the entire structure a down-to-earth and elegant makeover.


Faux Wood Mantles

Faux Wood Mantles

Faux wood mantels are a beautiful, eye-catching centerpiece for above a fireplace, or to display personal artifacts. Made from high-density polyurethane, faux wood mantels imitate a wood beam section, without the need to hold hundreds of pounds up to mount it. These units are lightweight, attractive, and come in thousands of color, wood, and texture variations.


Faux Wood Ceiling Brackets

Faux Wood Ceiling Brackets

Faux wood ceiling brackets are designed to be mounted between the wall and the ceiling. They give off the impression of taking weight from the above structure. However, the faux brackets are not weight-bearing. These units are a lovely accompaniment to a large room sporting a faux wood truss system.



Where to Buy Faux Wood Ceiling Beams

You can find hundreds of style, color, and texture variations to choose from. Beams can be manufactured to your exact specifications. But, for the avid DIYer, faux wood ceiling beams are available to be stained and custom fitted by you. However hands-on you want to be, there are dozens of ceiling beam options from which to choose.



Final Thoughts

You don't have to rip out your existing structural support to add the aesthetic of old wood beams in your home. Faux wood ceiling beams, along with a truss system, faux wood planks, faux wood mantels, and faux wood brackets transform the interior of your home into an elegant rustic escape.

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