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Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Jul 2021

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When it comes to ceiling tiles, there is a huge variety to choose from. Several materials on the market that work well with different styles, layouts, themes, and spaces. Choosing the right one depends on what you're trying to match them with. If you're trying to create an elegantly vintage look, then something like tin ceiling tiles would work great.

This article will disclose all the popular trends for ceiling tiles. That way, you'll get a strong idea of what may be essential for you and your home.

Tin Ceiling Tiles

These are made from tin-plated steel and are usually primed and painted on both sides to prevent corrosion. Once you have gained a finished set and you have them installed to the ceiling, you'll notice how elegant and unique they are. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, so whatever style, and theme you have, there should be a well-matched tin tile for it.

Installing these tiles can also increase the value of your home. This may not be of any use to you if you never plan to sell your home, but at least it confirms their value. They also carry value to both environmental and maintenance-conscious households. It is due to their inability to crack or flake and are far less likely to attract insects.

Ultimately, tin ceilings act as insulation, allowing suitable temperatures that will save you money on energy bills. A disadvantage would be their price, as they are more costly than other materials on the market with the number of benefits they provide, you'll soon realize their true value.

Faux Tin Tiles

Of all the ceiling tile options available, faux tin tiles are among the most popular. Investing in these tiles is right for you if you're looking to imitate the look of the real tin without having to pay substantial fees for it.

Faux tin is made from plastic, but its ability to mimic the look of real tin is impeccable, making them a popular choice for those who are decorating on a budget.

Benefits of these tiles include:

  • Durability: These tiles are strong and are usually maintenance-free. You won't have to worry about cracking, fading, or moisture damage. Moisture is a huge problem for many different coverings, but you can rest assured that faux tiles will withstand this attack.
  • Huge Choice of Designs: As mentioned, this material looks just like its metal ceiling tile counterpart, yet its endless designs make it a valuable investment. It provides many options, so these tiles can work in any room, adding charm and elegance in the process. Whether you're renovating the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, some designs and patterns will meet your needs.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

 Chestnut Grove Glue-up Styrofoam Ceiling Tile – R 31

Styrofoam ceiling tiles have styrene or polystyrene material that is extruded and molded into high-density tiles. These tiles are made to be mounted directly onto the ceiling. In recent years, they have grown in popularity, and now you have an unlimited variety of styles, colors, textures, and metallic's available.

One reason why these tiles have become popular is that they provide thermal and noise insulation. However, one thing that needs to be considered is that these tiles will melt in extreme heat. Styrofoam ceiling tiles can be bought unpainted and installed without being painted. If you want to paint your tiles, know that they can be painted by using water-based paint. Pain them either before or after installation.

When it comes to the installation of Styrofoam ceiling tiles, they are perhaps the easiest to work with. There are no special tools needed for cutting, and this makes it easy for anybody to do it - even an inexperienced DIYer.

Styrofoam is so flexible and easy to cut that any decorator can cut it with anything that they may already own in the house. As it can be carefully broken, a kitchen knife may all be needed.


PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) and vinyl are plastics. When it comes to ceiling tile manufacturers, they use all three types of plastic, but essentially, they are the same thing. Typically, PVC ceiling tiles are made by melting the plastic and forming it into tiles.

PVC tiles have grown in popularity in recent years due to their abilities for many factors. Firstly, they're thin and lightweight, but they are incredibly durable and waterproof. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of architectural styles and colors.

It is common for these tiles to come in sizes of 2' x 2' and 2' x 4'. PVC tiles are also 100% recyclable, and the majority are Class A fire rated, despite them being able to melt its intense heat.

Another great benefit of PVC ceiling tiles is that they are available in many applications. These include:

  • Standard drop or suspended ceilings
  • Direct mount ceiling grids
  • Glued directly onto the ceiling surface

Before attempting to install these tiles, make sure that you have planned for the most suitable installation method for your room's ceiling. It is due to tiles not being made to install the same way.

For many PVC tile enthusiasts, these tiles are rich in design. A coffered ceiling transforms a plain ceiling into a stunning piece of art. Once applied, you'll notice the luxurious touch it generates and the fresh and new environment they're able to create.

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

 Micro Perforated Acoustical Aluminum Ceiling Tile w/Soundtex – MPA-1

Acoustical ceiling tiles have become a popular trend in recent years due to their ability to eliminate harsh noises that come from outside. Most houses don't have a great deal of soundproofed walls and ceilings, so many homeowners are seeking a way to drown out the noise that may be bothering them.

Decades ago, there were different options. However, their industrial look tended to ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home. It is when decorative acoustic ceiling tiles come in. They can make your ceiling look beautiful, as well as being able to block out unwanted sound. If this is something you're looking to achieve - maybe for a home office space - then investing in these tiles is a great purchase to make.

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