10% Off on A La Maison Ceiling - Offer till March 8th
10% Off on A La Maison Ceiling - Offer till March 8th


Crown Molding Ideas

Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Dec 2020

Crown moldings are a popular feature in interior design and are often used to trim around windows, doors, and ceilings. Despite this popularity, crown molding isn’t necessarily something many of … read more

Metal Cornices

Posted by Milan Jara on 15th Jul 2020

If you have installed metal ceiling tiles, then investing in a metal cornice is highly recommended. What is a metal cornice? In short, it’s a long band of trim that’s three-dimensional and is pla … read more

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Posted by Milan Jara on 13th May 2020

Popcorn ceilings may have been the trend back in the ’60s and ’70s but times have certainly changed since then. The decorative world has grown, and new ideas have formulated, meaning popc … read more

Why Invest in Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles?

Posted by Milan Jara on 27th Mar 2020

If you’re considering Styrofoam ceiling tiles, you’ll be glad to know that they come with several benefits. First, this style makes your ceiling eye-catching and extremely appealing. It’ … read more

Ceiling Tiles Buying Guide

Posted by Milan Jara on 26th Mar 2020

If you’re a homeowner or a contractor, does needing to repair or replace your ceiling seem like an unwelcome burden? Honestly, it doesn’t have to be – especially with all the solutions available … read more