Best Tin Ceiling Choices for a Modern Farmhouse Look

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Jul 2022

Best Tin Ceiling

What better way to bring in warm, vintage farmhouse appeal than adding a farmhouse tin ceiling. We help you through the process.

Vintage farmhouses are still trending. They regained popularity in 2018 due to their welcoming and cozy appeal, and they contain rustic or chic attributes and can be seen across the home. Metal ceiling tiles are popular for this modern farmhouse appearance due to their functionality and versatility. We discuss your options in style and color for your farmhouse tin ceiling.

While tin ceiling tiles are frequently associated with Victorian design, they work well for farmhouse styles where there are vintage elements. Be sure when selecting a design that you don’t go too old-school, but that it has that cozy farmhouse feel to it, too. Otherwise, it may make the room appear too formal.

Metal or tin ceiling tiles come in many styles, colors, materials, and designs. You can paint them to match an existing color scheme or leave them natural, depending on your style. While many people associate ceiling tiles strictly with the ceiling, this does not have to limit you. Many homeowners use them in a variety of ways. They can also be used for backsplashes or art.

What Made Tin Ceilings Popular?

Tin ceiling tiles were created by embossing pressed tin pieces into a die, forming intricate patterns. This gained popularity because it imitated the expensive plaster ceilings of the upper class, thereby elevating the room. The results were deemed beautiful and gained popularity through the turn of the century.

Now, homeowners enjoy rediscovering these vintage details and incorporating them into their design. The style depends on the type of house and the overall look.

Farmhouse Tin Ceiling: What to Use?

Since there are so many tile designs, finding one ideal for your home isn’t difficult. With the wide range, you will want to ensure that it blends perfectly with your specific style. You never want competing designs in any space.

Furthermore, focus on your tile design rather than the color. You can paint and apply different finishes to the tiles, making finding the perfect design crucial since you cannot change it.

Best Tin Ceiling

Some tin ceiling tiles you can incorporate into your project are:

Type of Finishes

There are three main types of finishes when it comes to ceiling tiles. In a farmhouse design, it is unusual to have tin ceilings. Yet, it is still a worthwhile investment if you want to bring a modern or vintage look to the farmhouse design.

Farmhouse design can incorporate many elements. Shabby chic may not work too well. However, if you want a more modern or vintage appeal, you can incorporate these more easily as farmhouse designs can have vintage elements. You either marry your design to a more traditional tile or one with clean lines, depending on the look.

For true farmhouse design, we recommend that you paint the ceiling panel. In farmhouse design, you want to bring a cozy, welcoming appeal to the space. Tin ceilings tend to be very shiny, so they can look very formal in a space, taking away from that cozy feel. Painting takes away from the gleam of the material and makes it more inviting.

  • Painted Finish: A painted tile looks more authentic. You can paint them in various colors to mimic plaster ceilings or use a monochromatic color. Paint was historically added to prevent rusting, not for design purposes.
  • Copper Finish: This remains popular in kitchens. While it may complement stainless steel features in a modern look, it may not be flattering if you have several wood elements. Carefully seal them to maintain their original color.
  • Exposed Finish: These are covered with a thin sealant to preserve the original metal color. A polyurethane coating helps while cleaning, as well.

Best Tin Ceiling

Choose a Color

Many tiles may come unfinished, so you can request the tiles be powder-coated using baked-on finishes that contain polyester resins to increase durability. Even though they are painted, you can easily clean them using a light soap and a damp rag.

For modern farmhouse looks, consider the following shades:

  • Fire Brick/Copper - It has a faux hand finish using a kettle and firebrick color with a touch of copper for that perfect farmhouse appeal.
  • Alaska - This color has transparent copper and a teal or light blue hue. This ties some farmhouse design elements together if you are using a color palette with some cooler colors.
  • Rustic Copper - It is a transparent copper color using a white or teal finish.

Before choosing or eliminating any color, or if you are unsure what you want, be sure to get a color sample. They are available in more colors and will enable you to find the right shade before committing to it. Colors should match your home, but if you can’t find the best color, then you can paint the tiles as well.

All you need to do is purchase unfinished tiles and apply an oil-based primer to the tiles to prevent oxidation. Once the primer dries, paint the tiles to match the color of your décor.


Farmhouse design is a fun style that allows homeowners to incorporate various other style elements into it. The premise is to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting with a bit of a country flair. The warmth draws people into this type of design, especially if they appreciate vintage elements.

When it comes to a farmhouse tin ceiling, you will want one that has a vintage flair for a more traditional farmhouse look. It should have a detailed design but not be overly ornate. Ones that are too decorative may take away from the room’s warmth and make it too formal.

For a farmhouse style that trends towards modern design, you can pick one with cleaner elements to pull together your style.

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