Popular Ceiling Tiles Trends

Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Jul 2021

When it comes to ceiling tiles, there is a huge variety to choose from. Several materials on the market that work well with different styles, layouts, themes, and spaces. Choosing the right one … read more

Ceiling Tiles Buying Guide

Posted by Milan Jara on 26th Mar 2020

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Home Decor Ideas That Add Style to Your Space

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Drop Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Nov 2018

If you are looking for that old tin ceiling look for your home, but are not sure if your current ceiling is level or strong enough to provide the required support, shift to a drop-ceiling … read more

Tin Ceiling

Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Nov 2018

A tin ceiling offers a homeowner the easiest way to spruce up the atmosphere and brings in some vintage charm. A plain ceiling hardly gets a second glance. However, adding a richly dec … read more