How Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Made Linda’s Kitchen Shine

Written by Milan Jara on 24th Mar 2011

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Change Ugly to Beautiful

Yesterday I got an email from Linda who is trying to figure out a ceiling for her kitchen. Your opinion would be appreciated. Please look at the images and read Linda’s email below.

Kitchen Remodeling

Email from Linda:

We are remodeling the kitchen in our 1930’s house. Cabinets are being stripped and darkened along with new dark laminate wood floor. 8+ years ago I put a textured paint on the ceiling (very poorly I might add) and now it is peeling. So our plan is to scrape as much of the peeling pain as necessary and one the walls and cabinets are done, do the ceiling. I want to paint the Styrofoam only because I don’t want it to look like Styrofoam when done. The walls will be a color called embellished blue (fancy name, huh?)…similar to a Tiffany blue but a tad more green. Originally I was thinking silver ceiling (like tin) but after discussion my husband and I agreed it would be too dark. So I think we’ll go worth white.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Do most go with a perimeter molding? If so should that go up first and then the tiles? I really want to have a plan before we start.

Linda Earl


Two months later Linda sent us few images of her finished projects and I gotta say, what a transformation. It is amazing what she has done to that room.

Here are some more images from her Kitchen and Bath.

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen after:

Kitchen after

Close up of a Bathroom ceiling before remodeling:

Close up of a Bathroom ceiling before remodeling

Remodeled Bathroom:

Remodeled Bathroom

Testimonial from Linda:

“We were very successful in installing the Styrofoam ceiling tiles over a popcorn ceiling. The finished product has received numerous compliments and we couldn’t be happier. My only suggestion would be if you are painting the tiles, paint them BEFORE you install them. It would be far easier! Overall, though, we love the look and have told everyone about them!”

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