What’s In a Color?

Written by Milan Jara on 26th Aug 2011

When designing the exterior of a home or any of the rooms within, color can play a large part in many of your style decisions. Some people prefer the warmth of subtle earth tones, nothing but pastels will do for others, and there’s a segment of the population that believes bright colors can help to improve their mood. Whichever category you happen to fall into — and perhaps your taste encompasses all three — if you’ve ever selected materials based on color, you know it’s not quite as easy as it might seem.

Choosing materials for their colors isn’t the same as opening a bag M&M candy where the yellows, blues, and reds are the same from bag to bag and from one month to another. Colors in the world of home design are a little different and various factors can affect how they look. Granite and marble are natural stones and their colors can be vary depending on where they’re found. Pink Shivakashi granite may appear to be almost white when mined in some locations while from others you might swear it was red.

Color Samples

The same can be true when considering man-made home design materials such as brick or ceramic tile. I have personally been involved in several incidents over the years where a customer choose a certain tile or brick based on a picture and when they saw the material installed at their home, they were convinced someone had made an error.

Many materials can look a certain color or shade when looking at a picture or computer screen, but have subtle differences when you have a chance to see the real item. Unfortunately, when it has already been installed, it can be too late to change your mind unless it’s different enough that the extra cost isn’t an issue.

Tiles Sample

One of the best methods for ensuring that the color you think you’re getting is actually what will be going into your home is to order a few samples before purchasing a large quantity. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers sample packages of many of their most popular styrofoam, faux-tin, and tin ceiling tiles and if you’re having a problem making up your mind as to which color might look best in your home, they also have several multi-style ceiling style sample packages. Samples can also be a great way to coordinate the other colors in the room before your ceiling tiles arrive.

Remember that Decorative Ceiling Tiles are similar to other products such as hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, and marble — there may be very slight color variations between samples and the materials you purchase, but it can still be a better method for making your selection than just looking at a picture.

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