What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Subway Tiles Wall Panel?

Written by Milan Jara on 21st Jun 2022

Subway Tiles Wall Panel

Inspired by a century ago, subway tiles wall panels are a popular design trend with many undiscovered benefits.

Initially seen in New York City train stations, subway tiles have piqued homeowners’ interests and interior design styles everywhere. They have inspired designs in the kitchen, bathroom, and more. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, there are numerous benefits to installing subway tiles and wall panels.

This type of subway wall panel uses plastic or foam backing and is usually the most cost-effective on the market. It is perfect for those who don’t wish to install permanent décor and is often used for rental properties because it is removable.

Subway Tiles Wall Panel

Easy to Clean

These tiles have the added benefit of looking great and being easy to clean. The smooth surface only needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth to look as good as new. This is great for areas like the kitchen where spills and splashes often occur - especially in places where we do the most cooking.

They are also stain-resistant, making them a popular choice for bathroom wall panels, wet rooms, and kitchens. Due to their reflective properties, they are light reflective and can visually open up a space. These wall panels tend to be in areas that see the highest amount of traffic in the home.

Initially, these tiles were long white rectangles, but over the years, this has changed. They are still rectangular, but the length varies to suit any project.

No Discoloration

Another benefit is that there is limited discoloration over time when you use this product. If you maintain your faux white subway tile and do regular cleaning, you can enjoy it for many years. While some vinyl products struggle in this regard, if you avoid using an entry-level product, it will last longer.


Vinyl is a synthetic material, making it immune to the damaging effects of water. While they are waterproof, there can be seams between tiles that allow water to seep into them. A vinyl tile is not as good at keeping moisture out as sheeting, making sheeting better for areas that see a lot of moisture, like shower walls.

Faster Installation

Depending on the pattern and size of the wall panel, they can come with mesh backings, making installation easier than installing them individually. If you need to space them individually or are placing two sheets together, ensure you use spacers on the edges of your individual tiles. This will allow you to save time and money by eliminating do-overs.

It also creates a cleaner design each time you use it.

Traditional tile requires time and a great deal of material to install properly. With this type of wall paneling, all you have to do is measure space, make sure the wall is clean, peel the backing, and stick the paneling to the wall. To smooth the surface, use the edge of a ruler or credit card.


The product is lighter than individual tiles as well. As mentioned, installing individual tiles is a costly, time-consuming process, and you need a lot of materials. There is a method to installing them, you will require spacers, and the material itself is heavy.

Subway tile wall panels are more lightweight. You won’t run the risk of it sliding down or having to mess with grout and spacers all over the place. All you need to do is stick it to a wall. Nothing could be easier.

No Grouting Necessary

Since it is more of a peel-and-stick process, you don't need to worry about grout. The panels come in sheets that are easily aligned to the wall and easily adhere to it and have a realistic faux grout line. It is an ideal choice for bathroom and shower walls because it is so easy to install.

Easier to Cut

Cutting through actual tiles is a difficult job. First, you need to do an exact measurement, then carefully cut into the tiling. Sometimes, the tiles snap in half or break, rendering them useless.

With wall paneling tiles, all you have to do is measure out the tiling. Then, cut it straight with a very sharp knife and a ruler.

Variety of Color Options

These wall panels come in a wide range of colors and are available in different textures and designs.

Subway Tiles Wall Panel


Vinyl has a lifespan of ten years with normal usage. It is soft, yet very resilient. While it may show scratches, it is easy to fix should it become damaged. Just loosen the adhesive with a heat gun, remove the tile, and scape it off. Then, glue down a new panel in its place.


There are numerous benefits to installing vinyl subway tile wall panels. Installation is super convenient. If you rent, this offers a great solution to temporarily making the place your own. When you move, removal is quite easy as the tiles are not permanent.

Homeowners can enjoy the ease of use that these tiles have to offer. Subway tiles themselves offer a range of applications in home décor in addition to being very practical when it comes to installation. These tiles can go anywhere in the home as they are waterproof and will not fall apart in humid areas.

People tend to appreciate how easy the installation is. It used to take hours to use a trowel and adhesive before even installing these tiles one by one in the specified areas. You had to work quickly and efficiently to ensure the adhesive didn’t set and use spacers at specific intervals to generate uniformity. It was a time-consuming job.

Now, all that is required is measuring your area, cutting the pieces you need, peeling off the backing, adhering it properly, then smoothing it over using a ruler or credit card. Installation is fast, leaving you time to do the things you really enjoy.

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