9 Most Popular 3D Wall Panel Designs of 2022

Written by Milan Jara on 6th Jun 2022

Sahara Horizontal MirroFlex Glue Up PVC 3D Wall Panels

Are you looking to transform an area in your house but don’t want to do a major overhaul? Add these incredible 3D wall panels for a completely updated look.

Thinking about upgrading a space but don’t want the hassle of painting the entire room? Try 3D decorative wall panels. This fun design idea can provide your space with an entirely different look, and transforming it takes a minimal amount of time. Here are our top nine 3D wall panel designs to transform your space from bland to beautiful.

9 Most Popular 3D Wall Panel Designs

These designs range from minimalistic to industrial. Some of these tiles offer a classically elegant design to elevate your space. If you want to have a little fun or break up straight lines, there are 3D panels that can add a bit of whimsical texturing to the area.

Best of all, to further enhance the effect of the 3D wall paneling, strategically place lights throughout the area for enhanced visual appeal.

Ridges MirroFlex Wallpanel

Ridges MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Recreation room, small rooms, entertainment areas, bathroom, or as an accent wall.

Material: PVC

Ridges are the perfect textured 3D wall panels for smaller rooms or rooms with low ceilings. Since the ridges run vertically, they create the illusion of height in any space, which is what makes them ideal for rec rooms or bathrooms. They will make any small space appear larger.

Depending on the color you choose, you can get the visual appearance of a striped pattern, offering a 3D effect.

Subway tile MirroFlex Wallpanel

Subway Tile MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Office walls, bathrooms, around fireplaces, kitchens, and accent walls.

Material: PVC

The subway tile wall panels are decorative, deeply textured 3D wall panels and ceiling tiles. They offer design flexibility as they have multiple applications, and you can use them on an accent wall, wainscoting, backsplash, ceiling, and display fixtures. They also feature a built-in overlap, a unique system that generates fewer visible surface seams.

Gobi Vertical MirroFlex Wall Panels

Gobi Vertical MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Living room accent wall, behind a sofa, basement, and dining room.

Material: PVC

This item has a dual effect depending on your color selection. It can brighten a living room with its weaved, wavy design, but if you pair this paneling with strategically placed lighting, it creates a spectacular effect.

The darker shades provide a more rustic appeal due to the different hues. The brown shades give it more of a wooden appearance that pairs perfectly in rustic or country dining rooms or living areas.

Sculpted Petals MirroFlex Wall Panels

Sculpted Petals MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Living room accent wall, basement, bedroom, and dining room.

Material: PVC

Sculpted petals offer a deeply noticeable textured appearance for any room. This style is another rendering that pairs well with lighting to create a dazzling effect.

The design easily lends to a country charm appearance, making it perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedroom accent walls. The copper tones create a great effect when paired with an industrial look, creating clean, minimal, well-defined lines. It adds a bit of whimsy to any area that may feel too boring with just straight lines.

Sahara Horizontal MirroFlex Glue Up PVC 3D Wall Panels

Sahara Horizontal MirroFlex Wall Panels

Sahara Horizontal MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Living room, behind entertainment areas, bedrooms, and contemporary offices.

Material: PVC

Sahara is more of a timeless design and works best as an accent wall. This wavy, textured wall panel design provides a comforting feel, depending on the color. It looks great on long walls that you want to highlight and is a great wall panel for illumination as well.

It can be used to highlight nooks in a dining area or can be placed in squares horizontally or vertically in an office or basement. This look provides a more contemporary feel to any area, and users can also pair it with furniture to extend its visual appeal.

Herringbone Tile MirroFlex Wall Panels

Herringbone Tile MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Living room, bedroom accent wall, or bathroom.

Material: PVC

Herringbone is a classic design, meaning that it will never go out of style. This year it is trending in home design, and many people are incorporating it in some way.

Upgrade your living room to reflect an elegant, refined taste by using herringbone tile as an accent wall. Or use it as a backsplash in the kitchen, behind the headboard in the bedroom, or in the shower stall for an elevated feel.

Herringbone is one of those looks that elevates any room you put it in.

Kalahari MirroFlex Wall Panels

Kalahari MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Living room, dining room, bedroom, office, bathroom, or behind entertainment unit.

Material: PVC

Kalahari creates a soothing effect when used in any room. Placed beside a shower stall, it creates a white, linen, surreal effect and can separate a long wall into distinctive areas. Since the lines run vertically, it is ideal for making a small room appear larger or, when placed on its side, it can widen a room.

This design creates an air of tranquility to any room while adding a touch of classic elegance. Depending on the color, it can easily give a silky texture. Homeowners can also use vintage metal for more classic decor.

Strike MirroFlex Wall Panels

Strike MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Backsplashes, under bars, or anywhere you want to accent.

Material: PVC

Strike is a textured wall panel that pairs well behind items like beverages on tap, underneath bars, or for generating a vintage appearance. It adds a nice contrast to smooth side walls by breaking up the look and adding visual interest.

Diamond Plate Vinyl Wall Panels

Diamond Plate Vinyl MirroFlex

Recommended Uses: Garages, basements, mancaves, or gaming rooms.

Material: PVC

Diamond Plate brings an industrial look to any area, making it ideal for man caves, garages, or gaming rooms. It looks good in rooms with straight edges and has a metallic appearance. Diamond plate is a wonderful texture as it cleans very easily. You can use it for wainscoting as well.


From timeless to modern to contemporary, there are 3D wall panels to fit any type of interior design. Best of all, they are easy to install, clean, and will last a long time. No longer do you need to spend hours repainting an area. A simple peel and stick will allow you to transform the room in a fraction of the time.

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