Tin Ceiling in Bathroom: 4 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Space

Written by Milan Jara on 5th Jul 2022

Tin Ceiling

Want to elevate the look of your bathroom? By strategically placing a tin ceiling in bathroom, you can hide imperfections, reduce mold, and create an elegant space.

The once prolific plain white ceilings don’t receive a second glance anymore. However, when you cover it using ornately patterned tin panels, it elevates the room and makes it more visually appealing. We discuss whether tin ceilings can be used in bathrooms, some special considerations, and design tips to elevate your space.

The History

Tin ceilings began in the 1880s as a cost-effective method to elevate a room. At this time, plaster ceilings were more common among the upper classes. To mimic the look at an affordable price, flexible tin was placed over molds and smoothed to create tin ceiling tiles, upgrading the room and offering fire protection as well.

This feature allowed tin ceilings to gain popularity since a growing concern was the open flames used for cooking, heating, and lighting. Fires were increasingly common.

Originally, they were 2 x 2 and 4 x 4-foot panels made of steel and referred to as steel ceilings. Later, raw steel panels used tin plating to prevent rust, and they were rebranded as tin ceilings.

Most panels today use 30-gauge tin-plated steel. They are 1/100" in thickness. Interestingly, many historical patterns are still stamped into this metal to date, which is an astonishing 70 years after this initial trend had ended. Today, there are a variety of colors, finishes, and methods for installing this type of ceiling tile.

Can Tin Ceilings Be Used in Bathrooms?

The answer to this is yes. However, there are a few things to consider when using them in a high-moisture, high-humidity environment. Actual tin tiles will need to be primed and painted on both sides with paint specifically designed for metal to ensure they will not rust.

This is also true for aluminum tiles that are mill finished. Yet the best choice for bathroom ceiling tiles is aluminum tiles that are clear coated or are pre-finished painted. PVC (faux tin ceiling tile) and Styrofoam also work well in bathrooms.

Décor Ideas and Applications

Many styles are stamped into tin ceiling tiles and used for different types of home décor. When adding them to a bathroom, there may be several considerations. You need to be aware of what is fully required when placing them on a ceiling before making the purchase.

For example, some decorative ceiling tiles are used in conjunction with drop ceilings. Others require nails or glue. Before starting your project, know what type you are dealing with so that you have the proper tools on hand.

Vintage Elegant

Tin Ceiling

This style involves taking wrought iron faux tin ceiling tiles and adding them to the ceiling. You can pair this look with a modern chandelier, as in the picture, or you can go fully classical with something more dangly and decorative. The benefit of a dangly light fixture is that visually, it will add the appearance of height. The light fixture in the picture incorporates a more modern feel.

When placing chandeliers in a bathroom, be strategic in your placement. Chandeliers and light fixtures are trending, and you should use them as focal points in the room. Some common places for them are sitting areas, close to bathtubs, and near vanities.

The metal in this ceiling tile highlights the rich, greyish tiling and provides a contrast to the white walls, creating a separate area visually and a bit of depth in a room.

Metallic Marble

Tin Ceiling

An aluminum ceiling tile makes a great addition to a bathroom that incorporates marble. Since there are so many light shades of grey, the medium shade of grey brings the features together without appearing too dark. This bathroom ceiling idea is perfect in basement bathrooms where you want something bright and light in areas that may not have windows.

The lines in this room draw the lines upward, making the room appear taller. Not all basements have the high ceilings found on the main floor or upstairs. It is a great visual trick for bathrooms that have a lower ceiling.

The light color palette makes the room appear larger and brighter. The grey used in the tiling complements the grey veining in the marble. The tin ceiling pulls the look together without making the room appear dark due to the shine. The aluminum will also bounce light, creating more illumination.

Romantic Accent

Tin Ceiling

Not all tin ceiling tiles need incorporating into the ceiling. You can place them in a variety of places to add subtle accents to a modern Victorian or romantic twist to an area.

This style added a tile called " Lover's Knot" to the front panel of an elevated bathtub. Greyish blue borders surround the ceiling tiles, adding depth and contrast to the paneling and making them pop. The silver in the tiles provides a nice contrast to the materials used surrounding the tub.

So theatrical!

Tin Ceiling

This bathroom is close to a theater room, and the design complements the space, drawing the two rooms together. While the look is exceptionally bold, you can apply the principle to any bathroom.

This homeowner chose to line their bathroom walls using tin ceiling panels. Not only does it make a bold statement, but they are also easy to wipe clean, eliminating the common problem of mold accumulating on the bathroom walls due to added moisture and heat.

Why Add Tin Ceiling Tiles?

This question is one many people ask: what is the benefit of tin ceiling tiles? Tin ceiling tiles add light to a room. In basement bathrooms, this is a bonus because it makes the room appear larger than it is.

The second benefit is that they are easy to clean. All you need to do is take a damp cloth and wipe them down.

The third is that they resist rusting and bacteria growth – two common issues found in bathrooms. These two issues are the main reason people must continually replace items in their bathrooms.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to a tin ceiling in the bathroom, tiles can be incorporated onto the entire ceiling or strategically placed in the bathroom for effect. No matter where you place them, they will elevate the room and add a touch of class.

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