How Can I Make My Ceiling More Interesting? Decorate With Ceiling Tiles and Panels

Written by Milan Jara on 13th May 2020

Cobblestone Styrofoam Ceiling Tile 20 in x 20 in – #R25 - Antique Silver

Ceiling Decoration Ideas

Are you wondering, "how can I make my ceiling more interesting?" You're not alone! Many decorators and professionals are adamant that decorating your ceiling is just as important as the walls below. There is no limit to what you can do with your ceiling, as there are countless design options available. If you spend valuable time planning the ceiling design, the chances are you'll end up with a beautiful space that will impress your guests instantly.

This guide aims to highlight some of the best ways to decorate up your ceiling. When you discover the perfect match for your home, you'll then be on your way to having an eye-catching ceiling you'll be proud of.


Tray Ceilings

Gothic Reims – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24 in x 24 in – #150 - Antique Copper

When you're trying to decide how to make a ceiling more interesting, consider a tray ceiling! A tray ceiling has the ability to become a true focal point in any room it's installed in. Commonly, this design is seen in rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, but their versatility means that you'll get away with installing them in any room you wish to.

They work best in large rooms with higher ceilings. This way, they can keep a room appearing spacious by developing visual depth in a room. With this, it's the center point of the tray ceiling (the higher section) that provides the focal point of the room, especially if you decide to add an element like a chandelier or a ceiling fan to give it that extra appeal.


Ceiling Tiles

Tiny Tulips - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - Glue up - 24 in x 24 in - #148 - Antique Copper

Ceiling tiles have grown in popularity, as they have the ability to make your room look rich and elegant. By opting for this decorative idea, you'll have several choices for materials to decide on and many different design options.

If you decide on going with plastic, or more specifically PVC, then you'll have to choose a ceiling tile that is extremely durable and mold resistant. Moreover, they are lightweight and won't even sag. If you invest in this option, you'll end up with a rich design and perhaps a transformation of a ceiling that's an elegant work of art. The best part about this is that you won't have to spend a fortune to get the look you desire. PVC tiles are cost-effective, and they are not complicated to install.

If you are one of those who wish for metal ceiling tiles, you'll join the side of people who are looking for a classy living space. When it comes to choosing metal ceiling tiles for your home, tin is the more popular option as it's the cheapest and provides a seamless appearance that can be attached to any surface.

Despite being fairly more difficult to install than plastic tiles, they can still be fitted by most homeowners, so give yourself a chance if you are quite confident about doing the job. However, you should know that if you scratch or dent a panel, it can be repaired using auto body repair compound and sculpting.


How Do You Decorate a Panel Ceiling or a Wood Ceiling?

Faux Wood Planks

Probably the biggest reason why people decide to go with a paneled ceiling is that they are made to last a long time. They are similar in final appearance to beadboard or a wooden floor, and they end up looking classical without all the work of fitting individual boards.

Fortunately, they are available in various finishes and decor styles, and they tend to be rigid or flexible. If you invest in the latter, then it will allow you to panel archways and other curved surfaces.

Another advantage to using paneling is the ability to attach panels directly to the support beams, which costs minimal height degradation. Ultimately, if you're looking for an option that creates a unique feel that will just about fit any theme, then wood paneling may be the best ceiling decoration idea for you.

A wood planked ceiling is made up of planks that are lightweight and sturdy. They can be an excellent-looking type of decoration, especially if you add paint or stain them for the desired effect. As an added incentive, it's slightly cheaper than beadboard, and it's an easy DIY project compared to many other ceiling types - so if you like the appearance this ceiling decoration generates and you're looking for a cheap and easy installation, a wood planked ceiling may be your home's perfect match.


Can You Decorate Ceiling Tiles or a Plain Ceiling with Wallpaper?

This may be a less common way to decorate your ceiling, but the effect can be enormous if you put effort into planning and executing. It may be called wallpaper, but that doesn't mean it cannot work on a flat surface like a ceiling or on older ceiling tiles that need to be spruced up. The only downside is that applying the paper is a little trickier.

Wallpaper on the ceiling can add character, visually improve a room's proportions or bring patterns into challenging spaces. As with any project, if you're wondering: "can you decorate ceiling tiles or a regular ceiling with wallpaper?", you should always take the time to do the necessary research so you have all the tools necessary to get the job done correctly.


I Have Tall Ceilings, What Can I Put on my Ceiling for Decoration?

Faux Wood Beams - Sand Blast with Light Walnut

Having high ceilings means having a fair amount of unused space over the traditional height of a room. Although they can make a room feel grand and luxurious, they can also make a room feel cold and empty. In fact, a room with high ceilings can look quite terrible if they aren't taken care of. So you may be wondering "how do you make a decorative ceiling when it's taller than traditional heights?" It's actually not too hard to create a unique and eye-catching décor for your space. What you need to do is blend the upper and lower areas by drawing the eye upwards.

Furthermore, there are ways to tackle this problem, and these ways involve the inclusion of certain decorative systems that will help your high ceiling look spectacular and completely necessary. Ways to decorate your tall ceiling include:

  • Faux Wood Trusses: These can be a focal point in any room, and they are an effective solution to a tall ceiling. When it comes to Faux Wood Trusses, more and more builders and architects are opting for this design over natural trusses as they look just like natural wood, but are less costly and much easier to install.
  • Faux Wood Beams: Exposed ceiling beams are architectural features that allow rooms to have higher ceilings or a decorative element that adds charm. Faux Wood Beams, are a simple and affordable way to highlight ceilings and enhance interior décor with the look and feel of wood.

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