Plank Ceiling Ideas

Written by Milan Jara on 13th May 2020

By revamping your ceiling using plank wood, you’re well on your way to having a decorative focal point. Whether your décor is rustic or formal, eclectic or traditional, a planked ceiling ad … read more

Tray Ceiling Ideas

Written by Milan Jara on 29th Mar 2020

A tray ceiling is designed to make your room appear elegant and make a bold first impression. Also known as a recessed ceiling or inverted ceiling, the center section is either several … read more

Ceiling Ideas for Your Basement

Written by Milan Jara on 26th Mar 2020

The basement space has to be the most overlooked section of your home. It’s understandable, though. It’s always regarded as the last resort for social gatherings due to the lack of lightin … read more