Wreathe Yourself in Holiday Spirit and Victor with Wreath-Themed Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 9th Dec 2011

Wreaths can present several images and meanings.

Deck the Halls, Front Door, and Ceiling

Historically, a circle of evergreen branches, holly, or any other material, natural or man-made, hanging upon a front door has let visitors know that a warm welcome awaits them within.

Bowed Wreath Ceiling Tile

Sparkling with lights and shiny glass ornaments or tin baubles, or simply decorated with bright crimson berries and interesting natural pine cones, a wreath is a great way to welcome your guests and let them know you are glad they visited.

Welcome Holiday Guests

Anticipating your warm hospitality, your visitors will crunch their way up the snowy path to your door, drawn towards the warm lights glowing from within your home and the cheery wreath upon your front door.

Wreaths Display A Warm Welcome

Greet your guests with the silky smooth voices of Josh Groban, Nat King Cole, or Mel Torme crooning Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (also known as The Christmas Song) from your stereo speakers. Hand each visitor a steaming mug of hot cocoa with sweet marshmallows or frothy whipped cream, offer a heaping platter of gaily decorated Christmas cookies, and invite everyone to sit by the roaring fireplace and gaze up contentedly at your ceiling as it glows with warm copper or sparkling tin wreath-decorated tiles.

Perfect not only for Christmas but for any holiday, these Bowed Wreath decorative tin tiles adorning your ceiling will make an inviting presentation and will let your guests know that you value their friendship.

Rest on Your Laurels

Wreaths of laurel leaves have also been used since ancient times to reward victors in battle and sporting events. The ancient Greeks and Romans crowned their champions with wreaths of these fragrant leaves, leaving no doubt as to who had jumped the longest, run the fastest, or thrown the farthest. Decorative ceiling tiles can be used for this purpose, too!

Classic Caesar's Wreath Ceiling Tile

Everyone will know you’re a winner, too, when you decorate the ceiling in your rec room, gym, or even your living with Classic Caesar’s Wreath Tin Ceiling Tiles. Your Little League or Pop Warner All-Star would love to see these symbols of victory in his or her bedroom or playroom, too.

Laurel leaves are also known as bay leaves in cooking, so these tiles would be perfect for the ceiling of a kitchen, dining room, or even an Italian restaurant or pizza parlor.

So whether you’re celebrating the holidays or honoring a victory, do it easily in style with wreath-themed decorate ceiling tiles!

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