Why You Should Install Metal Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Mar 2020

 Mini Fluer de Lis – Copper Ceiling Tile – #0605 - Aged Solid Copper

There are several options for ceiling designs to install in your house, probably more than you even realize. When it’s time to decide which material to use, it can be quite difficult.

If you’re looking for a ceiling that has the greatest number of benefits, then investing in metal ceiling systems is a great idea. These tiles are more attractive, extra sturdy, and more adaptable than plaster ceilings or any other tiles of any other material.

Metal ceilings were introduced because they were a material that could last, especially since they continued to prevent moisture damage that can lead to corrosion over a longer period of time.



Here are the reasons why investing in metal ceiling tiles is a good decision:

Easy Installation:

Metal tiles are much lighter and less demanding than plaster ceilings. The entire process takes less time and less labor.

Adds Value to Your Home

Metal ceilings are tough, rich, and enduring. They automatically increase the value of your home not only due to the attractiveness they bring but also because of their functionality.


When considering plaster ceilings, take into account any issues that you have surrounding dampness. Collected water can seriously damage plaster ceilings and maintaining this can be a burden for most people.

If you install metal tiles to your ceiling, you’ll notice that they can withstand aggregated water. Plus, mold and mildew cannot grow on these metal surfaces so you’ll be free from having to worry about them.

You Can Paint Them to Match Any Decor

With metal ceiling tiles, you have a truly versatile option. You can buy metal tiles to suit any stylistic layout that you want and paint them to match your decor.


Obviously, metal ceiling tiles are made of metal. This means they have a higher resistance to fire so you’ll be glad to know that they are incredibly safe.



What types of metal ceiling tiles are available?

Here is the list:


Madison Square - Copper Ceiling Tile - #1201 - Solid Copper

An increasing number of metal ceilings built today use copper-finished or actual copper ceiling tiles which comes with its fair share of unique advantages, including:

  1. Aesthetics – An advantage of having copper ceiling tiles is the aesthetic value they add. What makes them stand out over other metal materials is their bright burnished gold color. The rustic coat draws your eye to the ceiling, leaving your guests so impressed that they’ll remember your ceiling long after then head home. Like other tiles, copper tiles are available in a variety of patterns.
  2. Financial benefit – If you’re wondering whether installing copper ceiling tiles is expensive, you aren’t the only one. Most homeowners are excited to know that using solid copper tiles isn’t the only option when it comes to installing a copper ceiling. A lightweight and transportable option like copper-finished metal is much cheaper and just as easy to install.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – One of the biggest advantages of having a metal ceiling is environmental friendliness. Metal is a natural and renewable resource that doesn’t break down easily. It doesn’t need to be replaced as quickly as wood or vinyl and won’t sit in landfills for decades when you throw it away. Copper survives heavy rain and lightning, protecting your home from damaging environmental factors. Lastly, because of how durable and solid these materials are, metal ceilings protect your home from insects that might insert and destroy your furniture. This saves money and prevents you from needing an exterminator who might use unsafe chemicals to kill the insects in your home.


Stained Glass - Tin Ceiling Tile - #1207 - Tin Plated Steel

Tin ceilings help elevate the look of homes and commercial businesses. Installing them is an art. It takes precision and attention to detail for a tin ceiling to look impeccable. Once the material has settled, the ceilings become low maintenance.

Most of the time, we put a lot of effort into choosing furniture, appliances, and accessories only to put them in a room with a white or color painted ceiling. Tin is a beautiful way to showcase your room. Adding texture and beauty to your space with a tin ceiling makes a bold design statement. Don’t forget to look up and consider an ornamental or pressed-metal tin ceiling instead of only focusing on the floors and furniture.


Times Squares – Aluminum Ceiling Tile – #0601 - White

These tiles are very reliable and give your room an elegant look. When installing metal ceiling tiles, there always a chance you’ll be dealing with rust in the future but with aluminum ceiling tiles, you won’t have that issue.

Just like other materials, aluminum tiles are straightforward to install so hiring a professional service isn’t necessary but is an option if you wish to do so.

Ultimately, aluminum ceiling tiles are much lower maintenance than authentic tin tiles. You should never have to worry about cleaning or patching them up. Aluminum ceiling tiles can last for many years which is why they remain a popular option for a lot of homeowners.



Painting Metal Ceiling Tiles

If you decide to paint your new metal ceiling, be sure to use an oil-based primer and paint as water-based products cause the metal to rust. Unfinished metal must be cleaned with wax and degreaser before painting. Take care not to scratch the tiles when installing them. Most hand-painted finished tiles have a thick coating and texture that effectively conceals any scratches or dings.

As you can see, metal ceiling tiles can be a great investment, especially since they’re low maintenance and last a really long time. Whichever metal ceiling type you decide on, you’ll know you’re investing in a ceiling that will make your room shine and give it a luxurious feel – something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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