Why You Should Incorporate Metal Ceiling Tiles Into Your Next Project

Written by Milan Jara on 26th Dec 2019

Moroccan Magic - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - 2425

Many people ignore the potential of ceilings from a design and decoration point of view. Everyone spends so much time deciding how they want to paint their walls and cover their floors but they always overlook their ceilings.

One way to make your ceilings really stand out is to use decorative metal ceiling tiles. While wood and plaster ceiling tiles do offer their own advantages, there is something truly unique and timeless about metal surfaces.

Incorporating metal ceiling tiles into your next renovation is an affordable way to add a memorable design element to your space.



What are the Advantages of Using Metal Ceiling Tiles?

Victory – Tin Ceiling Tile by Shanko – #503 - Steel

There are many reasons why you should be taking a look at metal ceiling tiles. Below, we’ll list just some of the reasons why they make an excellent choice for your ceilings.

  • Unique Beauty
  • Metal ceiling tiles allow you to incorporate the reflective beauty of metal surfaces into your project without blowing your budget. You can give your ceilings a sophisticated look that combines a vintage aesthetic with modern materials.

    The reflective properties of metal ceiling tiles can also be used to freshen up your space. When used correctly, a ceiling covered with metal ceiling tiles makes a room seem brighter and more inviting. The light reflects off the tiles in a way that cannot be replicated with wood and plaster covered ceilings.

    Metal ceilings have stood the test of time. They capture the eye which is why they remain a timeless choice. If you want to impress guests and make an impression, you should consider the unique appeal of metal ceiling tiles.

  • Versatility
  • Metal ceiling tiles offer you a great deal of versatility. They come in a wide variety of patterns and finishes. Whether you want to give your space a more modern aesthetic or replicate the beauty of vintage ceiling styles, it’s easy to find the right tile for your particular tastes.

    There are numerous metals you can choose from, whether you want to add the warmth and subtle color of copper tiles or the bright shine of aluminum or tin, the choice is up to you.

    Romanesque - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #2407 - Antique Pewter

    Our metal ceiling tiles are also suitable for a variety of applications. You can completely cover your ceiling with metal tiles to give it a uniform look or to draw the eye with an accent piece. Or, you can always choose to use a small number of tiles to highlight a specific area. We often see metal ceiling tiles positioned above a bar or kitchen island.

    Metal ceiling tiles can even be installed on walls. The intricate designs of the tiles and their reflective glow make them perfect accent pieces. They naturally draw the eye without overwhelming the room and look great when used to create a vintage-looking backsplash.

    Do not assume metal ceiling tiles are limited to residential use. Metal ceiling tiles can make a bold statement in commercial spaces, too. If you have a restaurant or bar, you can give your space a classic look and feel by adding a metal ceiling. You want your business to be memorable, so why not pay attention to one of the most often ignored areas of interior design – the ceiling?

  • Affordability and Ease of Installation
  • Traditionally, installing a metal ceiling was an expensive ordeal. Our metal ceiling tiles are far more affordable than traditional metal tiles. They are relatively lightweight which means they are easier to transport and install.

    You can choose if you want your metal ceiling tiles to be installed using nails or dropped into an existing grid network. If you have an existing suspended grid network, you can easily switch out your old tiles for more visually impressive metal tiles. If you want to maximize your space, simply nail the tiles into your ceiling and completely transform the appearance of a room without a major renovation job.

    With metal ceiling tiles, you get a stunning product with a real metal surface that won’t blow your budget. The tiles are affordable compared to the alternatives you might find on the market. With low minimum order quantities, you can get a specific number of tiles you need for your particular project without having to waste money on excess materials.



Which Metal Ceiling Tiles Should I Choose?

African Safari - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #24004 - Mill Finish

There are so many designs, patterns, colors, and metal types to choose from. While there are plenty of tiles that replicate classic designs, we also offer more modern patterns.

You should first decide which type of aesthetic you would like for your space. If you own an older home and want your décor to match the style of a specific period, you should choose one of our classic patterns such as the Romanesque and Victorian styles. Tin is a great material for this.

If you want to give your space a more modern look, look at some of the tiles we offer in contemporary patterns. There are plenty of tiles available that make use of geometric patterns for a clean look that adheres to current decor trends.

Once you have chosen the room you would like to decorate and you have a specific vision in mind, take a look at our numerous metal ceiling tiles for inspiration.



Get Inspired!

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