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Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Jun 2019

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Irrespective of what you want to use metal ceiling tiles for, just keep in mind that they add an extra layer of uniqueness to any interior or exterior. It is an inexpensive way to style up the fashion of your home. You may not realize this, but a beautiful ceiling attracts lots of compliments. With the metal ceiling tiles, you don’t need to go overboard to give your home an expensive look.

Over the years, metal ceiling tiles have been used for different constructions because they look better than ordinary plasters. Coupled with that, they also add value to your home because they are long-lasting and elegant.

Giving your home an antique look and rustic charm is one of the trending designs out there now, so if you are looking to have the antique feeling, then this is your obvious bet. The metal ceiling tiles are not only used for the ceilings; they can serve as backsplashes in your kitchen and can even be used to decorate the wall of your rooms.

There are different types of metal ceiling tiles to choose from. Just make sure they go in line with the look you want to achieve.

Lay-In Tiles

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This type of metal ceiling tiles can be used in your office buildings. It is very easy to install, and also easy to take down. It is extremely flexible for wiring works. Due to the fact that it can be easily removed, makes it perfect for electricians and plumbers. Another advantage this lay-in tile poses is it being wind proofed, unlike other ceiling types.

Drop-In Tiles

There are other metal ceiling tiles similar to lay-in tiles- they are known as drop-in tiles. These tiles are a better option for commercial buildings. Before you can install these, make sure your ceiling has a grid system for easy installation. Not only for easy installation, but also for when you may need to run some wires inside the ceiling, you can take them out one at a time.

Snap-Grid Tiles

Snap-grid tiles are mostly used in homes for sitting rooms and even bedrooms. Its installation process is a little difficult because it involves nails and screws. The snap grid is screwed tightly to the ceiling; this is better because you won’t have to deal with plywood. After you have successfully screwed it to the ceiling, then you snap the tiles directly into the grid.

How to Decorate Using the Metal Ceiling Tiles

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One of the best places to use the metal ceiling tiles is in the kitchen because of its fire resistant properties. Another factor that should influence your using it in the kitchen is its non-stick nature. Grease stains and oil splashes can easily be cleaned from the metal ceiling tiles. So, it is perfect as a kitchen backsplash, since it can be cleaned easily unlike paint.

It can be used to spice up the look of your bedroom, giving it that rustic theme. You can use it for your ceilings, and also hang little pieces around the room. Don’t worry about it sticking out like a sore thumb; just make sure to use a matching color that would compliment that of the ceiling. Using metal ceiling tiles to decorate your room walls, would make fantastic wall art.

It can also be used to give your room an old-fashioned look. If you want to go the vintage way, then the metal ceiling tiles would be a perfect pick. You can use this for your sitting room as well; all you need to do is paint it to give an antique look before installing.

Why Should I Use it for My Décor?

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Metals are known for their strength, so, you should not expect less of metal ceiling tiles. They add strength to your home when used for the ceilings. Since they don’t rot or crack, they don’t absorb moisture. What that means is the metal ceilings will not expand, no matter how long you use them for. They have high resistance to dust as well, and they can withstand pressure. Most materials would get damaged when roughly handled, but with metal ceiling tiles as your walls, it is impervious to all these things.


This is another reason you should consider using the metal ceiling tiles to decorate your home. It can be painted to any color of your choice to fit with your interior layout. Although it comes in different finishes like polished, bare and powder coated, if none of these appeals to you, then it can be touched up to suit your preference. For whatever project you want to use the metal ceiling tiles, the finishes can be arranged to your taste.

Minimal Maintenance

Nobody wants to constantly replace their walls or ceilings. This is another feature of the metal ceiling tiles that have been impressing the public for a long time. All you need to do is to dust it from time to time; this is to keep the shiny nature intact. Unlike plaster ceilings, it doesn’t peel, so, you won’t have to worry about regular repairs for a long time.


Metal ceiling tiles can serve as the perfect backsplash for your kitchen. It can be installed at the back of your gas cookers or stoves. It is resistant to heat as well as fire. In case there is a fire breakout, it would help slow it down, so the fire can be controlled on time. This makes it way safer than using ordinary materials as your kitchen backsplashes.

Easy Installation

This is another bonus point for metal ceiling tiles. They are very much lighter than ordinary plasters, meaning they would take lesser time to install.

Due to its easy installation, it is used most times to renovate homes. This is because of its beauty and the easy installation. You can also use it to cover imperfections in your home. Instead of tearing down the walls, and starting all over, you can use it as a mask.

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