What Is Colonial Crown Molding and Design Tips

Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Oct 2022

Colonial Crown Molding

Colonial crown molding is a classy way to smooth the transition between walls and ceilings. Learn more about how the style is a fit for you.

Are you looking for the best way to smooth the transition between the walls and ceilings in your home? Why not try Colonial crown molding – a highly decorative trim that adds style and character to even the plainest buildings.

When it comes to trims, Colonial crown style is the leader - donning over rails, door casings, wood baseboards, and wainscoting. It boosts room profiles with graceful curves and angles, elevating a room’s stature and creating an eye-catching ceiling design that makes the whole space look polished and cohesive.

What Is Colonial Crown Molding?

Colonial crown molding is a beautiful crown molding style that dates back to 17th and 18th-century American architecture. It was designed after the legendary William Gibbes House in South Carolina, where the interior rooms and walls were symmetrical, perfectly proportionate, and balanced. This interior design style has since grown in popularity due to its unique and classy nature.

Ordinary Room Into A Luxurious Space

This molding option is an excellent way of turning an ordinary room into a luxurious space. It bridges the transition from walls to ceilings, creating the perfect harmony. It can turn any room into an exquisite piece of art with clean lines and a fresh look.

Design Tips for Colonial Crown Moldings

Let’s face it, the final results of your Colonial crown molding depend on how well you install it. Here are some clever design tips to help install appealing Colonial crown moldings.

1. Identify Where You Want to Install the Pieces

When installing Colonial crown molding, you should take your time to determine where each piece should go. Measure the whole area to determine the perimeter, then mark the areas where each piece will go using a pencil to make it easier for you to install the moldings.

2. Measure to Ensure You Have the Right Molding Sizes and Angles

When installing Colonial crown moldings, measuring the molding’s projection size and angle is crucial to ensure they fit correctly. Inspecting and measuring the ceiling, walls, corners, and projections will also help you determine how and where to cut and how you will install the molding.

3. Cut Your Moldings

Colonial crown moldings are best cut using a miter saw.

Cutting the moldings can be pretty challenging since the angles must fit correctly, especially at the corners. You need to define when to cut depending on the type of joint you’re working on. The most common cuts are scarf joints, inside corners, and outside corners. Be sure to adhere to the correct cutting angles for each type of cut since it ensures the pieces fit in perfectly. Learn more about which way crown molding goes.

4. Test the Pieces

When you’re done cutting, test the pieces to see if they fit together perfectly. Testing will help you catch any mistakes before you install the Colonial crown molding permanently. It is essential to fix any errors during the testing phase as it ensures a smoother workflow later.

5. Install the Pieces

Once satisfied with your pieces, it’s time to install the Colonial crown molding. You can use glue or nails to attach the Colonial crown moldings to the wall. It is essential to ensure that you’re using the correct glue type and nail size.

Be sure to fill in the nail holes and any visible spaces between the moldings using putty. That will give the whole structure a smooth look when you’re done.

6. Paint

After installing the Colonial crown molding perfectly, it is time to paint to improve the overall look. For this, use water-based paint. Apply a single coat using a paintbrush or two coats using spray paint. Also, ensure that the paint color matches or compliments the walls, wainscoting, and ceiling to enhance the smooth wall-to-ceiling transition.

Painting The Molding

What Are The Benefits of Colonial Crown Molding?

There are several benefits of installing Colonial crown molding in your home, such as:

1. Conceals Imperfections and Irregularities

As homes get older, they expand and shift. This movement creates blemishes and cracks along the walls, especially around tight corners. These blemishes alter a house's appearance and can be tough to conceal.

However, Colonial crown molding can help hide these imperfections easily since they go where the ceiling and walls meet. You can ensure that all cracks and blemishes are hidden from sight by installing molding around the perimeters of rooms in your house.

2. Adds Character and Depth to High Ceilings

A well-designed ceiling goes a long way toward adding character and depth to a room. It highlights the interior space and brightens up the home. Therefore, it is crucial to have an impressive ceiling design that complements the room's walls, paint, and other features.

Colonial crown moldings are effective at doing that. They smooth the transition from the walls to the ceiling. It results in a perfect presentation that adds character to the room.

3. Improves the Style and Visual Appeal

Colonial crown moldings have an elegant structural design that improves any room's overall visual appeal and style. The design makes a house more vibrant and appealing to anyone who enters the room. This simple but beautiful crown molding style works for any room.

4. Boosts Your Home’s Value

Because Colonial crown molding makes a home more visually appealing, it’s no surprise that it boosts your home’s value. The vibrant design attracts the buyer’s eyes and compels them to want to purchase the home. This interest automatically increases your house's market value, getting you profits with a sale.

Final Words

Are you a homeowner looking for a way to decorate your house’s interior space? Colonial crown molding is the best way to go. This molding option betters the overall look of your rooms by smoothing the transition between your walls and ceilings and concealing imperfections and blemishes, especially in tight corners.

Overall, the unique style of Colonial crown molding brightens up your room and draws your eye to the ceiling. That is the main reason why they are such a popular choice in home decor.

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