Use Faux-Tin to Make a Real Difference

Written by Milan Jara on 12th Aug 2011

One of my favorite pastimes is walking through homes that are under construction –when I was very young, my grandfather and I would often detour through houses in various stages of completion while out hiking. We’d discuss the construction process, room layouts, and try to imagine how the home might look when finished. You would think that all these years later, after building hundreds of homes myself, I would no longer get excited by the experience — that it might have become old-hat or perhaps even boring, but thankfully it hasn’t. Even when I was actively building houses, I still made time to walk through homes in other communities to see what the other builders were doing and get new ideas.

I don’t get out into new homes or those being renovated much anymore, but I do get to do the next best thing. I read about new products, trends, and innovations and occasionally get to see pictures of what builders and DIYers have accomplished. I recently mentioned a video posted by Cheryl, a customer, and how interesting it was to watch the transformation the tiles made to her family’s Michigan cabin. This week I received a number of photos from James, another happy customer and it’s pretty amazing what he’s been able to do with his tiles.

Faux-Tin Make a Real Difference in Bedroom

James used faux-tin ceiling tiles to complement the design of a home’s master bedroom and great room and as you can see from the pictures, they both turned out beautifully. It appears he used glue-up ceiling tiles in the bedroom as an accent for the coffered ceiling and they provide the ideal contrast with the light trim and brown walls. Looking at the photo it’s difficult to believe the tiles are PVC and not tin as they even seem to put off the warm glow of metal.

Looking at the finished product, it can also be tough to ascertain just how much easier PVC is to work with than metal. It’s a very DIY friendly material to install, but it almost appears in the photo as if the work was done by a knowledgeable crew of experienced old world craftsmen. Faux-tin tiles share the same characteristics as tin and styrofoam decorative ceiling tiles — they look a lot more expensive and difficult to install than they actually are.

Faux-Tin Make a Real Difference in Hall

James’ work in the great room is also outstanding and he made a perfect choice with his faux-tin ceiling tile selection. The room’s warm color scheme seems to invite relaxing at the end of a long day and it shows what’s possible with some easy to install tiles and a little bit of paint and stain — of course there’s some hard work involved, too.

I want to thank James for sending in his pictures and encourage all customers to do the same — seeing what’s possible is almost as enjoyable as walking through homes with my grandfather those many years ago.

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