To Grandmother’s House We Go

Written by Milan Jara on 26th Nov 2011

But the best darn thing about Grandma’s house was her great big feather bed.

– John Denver

Grandma’s Quilt

And what was on that great bid, soft, downy bed? Why, Grandma’s quilt, of course!

Grandma's Quilt Classic Tile

Wouldn’t Grandma and all her grandkids love having these Grandma’s Quilt decorative ceiling tiles to gaze up at when they are snuggled up all warm and cozy in that great big bed?

Holiday Gatherings

Whether we have to go “over the river and through the woods” or just down the street to visit her, this is the time of year when we want to celebrate Thanksgiving and the holidays with Grandma. All of the relatives—sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins—gather together to eat, drink, laugh, and love.

Call her Nana, Oma, Yiayia, Grandma, or even the formal Grandmother, she’s the person we can always count on to love and spoil us. Why not spoil her by surprising her with an installation of these beautiful ceiling tiles?

Perfect Patchwork

Featuring squares of embossed raised pyramids alternating with a thatched design reminiscent of haystacks on Grandma’s farm, these great ceiling tiles come in a variety of finishes and colors that are sure to match the color scheme of Grandma’s bedroom.

Calico Cuties

But these tiles aren’t just for bedrooms or even just for home. They would look just as wonderful on the ceiling of a cozy kitchen or informal dining room.

Grandmas Love Their Grandkids

Enhance your windows with some matching patchwork curtains or contrasting gingham checks in a sunny yellow or the blue of Dorothy’s checkered dress, and your place will have that nostalgic look of Auntie Em’s farmhouse.

Sprinkle in a cut-glass bowl of black, sweet licorice or a covered dish brimming with chocolaty bridge mix, and you’ll have a room that all of your grandkids will love visiting! Can’t you just smell the cinnamon-y aroma of Grandma’s homemade apple pie now?

Country Kitchen

These tiles would be perfect for the ceilings of a country-themed restaurant, known for its hearty home-style cooking and family-style serving. Decorate your walls with an eclectic mix of apple-themed ceramic dishes and a few rooster statuettes. Serve up some juicy fried chicken and some steaming pot pies, and you’ll have a place that will remind your customers of Grandma’s very own kitchen.

If your place is a big, barn-like building, throw in some antique machines and a collection of vintage vehicles and license plates, and you’ll even be bringing Grandma back to reminisce about her childhood. Add a great big pickle barrel, filled with fat, crisp, juicy, tart pickles, and your customers will be sure to come back for seconds!

You don’t need a bed that is “nine feet high and six feet wide and soft as a downy chick” to enjoy these blue-ribbon Grandma’s Quilt ceiling tiles. All you need are a room, a few hours of easy installation, and some loving family members to enjoy them with!

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