The Secret Life of Padded Wall Panels: What Most Homeowners Don’t Know

Written by Milan Jara on 5th Jul 2022

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Padded wall panels do more than just look pretty; they have a deeper purpose. Find out what other features they have that will benefit you.

Make a bold statement in your space by incorporating padded wall panels. Not only do they look amazing in the room and often double as a headboard, but they have other benefits as well. If you are looking to do something different and want a more customized or creative look, then padded wall panels should be at the top of your list.

What Are the Benefits of Padded Wall Panels?

Padded wall panels have a wide range of uses. They vary in texture, material, and looks. They are usually factory-made, but skillful people can make them on their own. Padded panels contain several layers that determine how well they wear, how well they insulate against noise, and the level of thermal insulation.

When looking for something to add to your space, consider your options. Consult some design ideas to see what catches your eye and for inspiration. Also, research your materials. Each design comes with its benefits. But padded wall panels just might come out on top. Here’s why.


Imagine a world where you are in your bedroom and it is completely quiet. No, the children have not left the house, but you have the advantage of not being able to hear their boisterous noise, giving you precious time to unwind.

Perhaps you are tired of hearing your teenager’s loud music spilling from their room but are stuck for solutions on how to dampen the noise.

The benefits of padded wall panels are softening the feel and look of hard walls and adding acoustic enhancement to dampen sound. Most wall panels don’t serve this function well in a room. They are mostly decorative. In a bedroom, keeping it quiet or not disturbing others is a huge bonus.

Created in Different Sizes

Some padded wall panels are created in different sizes, providing flexibility when incorporating them into your room. You can use them on a part of a wall, on the entire wall, or even attach them to the ceiling for a unique look.

While most people use it as an accent wall or focal point behind their bed, it can be used on adjacent walls as part of an overall style.

Hide Defects

A well known benefit of wall panels is the ability to hide defects in the wall that would otherwise require patching, sanding, or redoing the entire wall. If you are on a budget or have time constraints, padded wall panels can provide a quick solution.

Additionally, they hide communications and wires.


Designs are trending toward a clean-lined appearance. In a bedroom, this often translates into creating a space of modern luxury without the space looking dated. The elegance of padded wall panels provides a great look without the space looking overdone or cluttered. It offers a more streamlined approach.

Some of the most popular designs using padded wall panels are rectangular grid, random geometric, and deep diamond tufted. Plus, they are easy to install.

Rectangular Grid

Wall Panels

This style provides a solid anchor to your space. In some bedrooms, they can be placed in front of a mural to add to the look. This is the most widely used application, and people frequently use them as headboards.

The benefits are that you don’t have to invest time and money into a headboard. Plus, you can customize it to suit the space. With many color options, it is easy to find something that works for your décor. They can also hide defects in the wall or be used as a feature. There is such diversity with the rectangular grid pattern.

Random Geometric

If you want your bedroom to have a more luxurious feel, generate an elegant headpiece using random geometric fabric wall panels. Many of these styles stretch straight to the ceiling and take up the middle section of the wall to create a perfectly symmetrical appearance.

You can play with sizes using a combination of squares and rectangles to make the space unique. Whatever design you choose, this style will provide elegance to a master or guest bedroom.

For something a bit more whimsical, you can see if you can find hexagonal ones. The look is different (almost replicating a honey grid) but can be well suited for a young child’s room. You can also place them randomly, and you could go a bit off-center for a more creative appeal.

Deep Diamond Tufted

Wall Panels

These are the ultimate in luxury, allowing for elegant headboards, and can expand to cover an entire wall. This provides the perfect acoustical barrier, dampening noise while creating a spectacular, inviting appearance. They can be done in sections or as a singular wall panel.

How to Choose the Right Pattern and Set Up

Choosing the right pattern will be dependent on the style of the room. When looking at what to incorporate, first consider the style of the room. Do you want the overall effect to be elegant or streamlined?

If you are looking for elegant, then you might want to go with the diamond tufted look, for example. It provides more of an elegant, luxurious, yet somewhat vintage flair. However, if your room contains clean lines and trends towards a more minimalistic or contemporary look, then you will want to go with paneling that has strong lines.

The second consideration is where you want it to be placed. The look should be subtle, not overpowering. If you have a small room, for example, you may want to do a scaled back headboard rather than pasting the panels over an entire wall and potentially making the room appear cluttered.

Wall panels have so many benefits that many homeowners don’t necessarily consider. We tend to focus on the visual appeal rather than the practicality of the décor. Once we are familiar with its other applications, we truly appreciate the marvel of this beautiful decorating delight.

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