Queen Anne Lace Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 13th Oct 2011

One of the most beautiful tin ceiling tiles available is named Queen Anne Lace.

As soon as I read those words, I was transported back to the warm summers of my childhood growing up in the Midwest. This lovely lacy white flower flourished in the fields near my grandparents’ summer home along Illinois’ Fox River.

Anne Lace Ceiling Tile

During the long, lazy days of July and August when school was out, my two brothers and I would wade through fields of delicate Queen Anne’s lace flowers that were almost as tall as we were on our way to pick blackberries. The purple juice stains on our clothes and the long scratches from the blackberry brambles on our skinny bare arms and legs became minor inconveniences when we tasted the freshly picked, warm, juicy, ripe berries.

When we got home, our mother carefully washed the berries that managed to make it back to the kitchen without being eaten, then sprinkled them with sugar and added a dash of ice-cold milk. Occasionally she mashed them with sugar and poured them over homemade vanilla ice cream. It was heaven on earth!

Recreate an Era in Your Home with Queen Anne Lace Tiles

You can recreate this nearly bygone era with these beautiful Queen Anne Lace tin ceiling tiles. With a smooth, gleaming center surrounded by intricate curls, curves, and webs, these tiles give a shimmering look of summer to the ceiling of your enclosed front or back porch, family room, or any room in a summer home.

Just picture yourself and your friends lounging under a ceiling covered with these stunning tiles. The men are sporting crisp white linen and seersucker suits, while the women wear flowing, gauzy white summer dresses and languidly wave lacy white fans, their straw hats tossed nonchalantly aside. Can’t you just hear the ice cubes clinking in the tall glasses of cool, sweet-tart lemonade?

The shiny reflective tin ceiling tiles will also add a bright, cheery look to a bedroom or bathroom. Add a few pieces of white wicker furniture with yellow or pastel-colored floral patterned cushions and you’ll feel as if you’re relaxing on a sunny veranda any day of the year.

Queen Anne Lace Tiles are Perfect for Your Nostalgic Retail Store

These Queen Anne Lace tin tiles would also be perfect in a business or retail setting such as an old-fashioned barber shop.

Penny candy stores are cashing in on the nostalgia wave started by baby boomers. These tiles would look great on one of those ceilings, reflecting your heaping bins of Necco Wafers, Mary Jane candies, and Bonomo Turkish Taffy.

Ice cream parlors are seeing a resurgence, as well. With these Queen Anne Lace tin tiles on the ceiling, some small, round tables for two, and metal or cane chairs with heart-shaped backs, you and your sweetheart can share a sundae, root beer float, or cherry phosphate. Two straws, please!

So whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, one of the Greatest Generation, a Baby Boomer or a Gen Xer, you can add a retro touch of nostalgia to your environment with these beautiful, gleaming Queen Anne Lace tin ceiling tiles.

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