Professionalize Your Ceiling Decor With Crown Molding Inside Corner Blocks

Written by Milan Jara on 17th Oct 2019

Crown Molding Inside Corner Block - Plain White

Renovating your home and improving its overall aesthetic takes time, patience, and a lot of trial and error. Here at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we aspire to make that process as easy as possible for you. That’s why our wide ranges of wall and ceiling products are easy to install and even easier to take care of to provide our clients with a simple, hassle-free solution.

When you’re dealing with do-it-yourself crown molding strips, joining them together at their edges can be a real pain. That’s why we’ve invented a clean and professional crown molding inside-corner block to get that perfect finishing touch on your new wall and ceiling. These products are designed to connect your moldings in both inside and outside corners — and anywhere else they may be necessary.



Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Molding Inside Corner Blocks

Q: Are they able to be painted?
A: Yes, these corner blocks can be easily painted with any water-based paint. They’re designed to be as customizable as possible and to fit any home aesthetic in any color!

Q: How do you glue the corner blocks together with the do-it-yourself molding strips?
A: The best way is with painter’s caulk, which can be purchased at most major hardware stores. Most painter’s caulk is inexpensive — a single bottle is almost always under ten dollars.

Q: Are they one-size-fits-all?
A: No, our corner blocks are available in five sizes, ranging from Mini to Giant. Here they are, with all of their dimensions:

  • Mini - mounting width: 1.5" - mounting height: 4" - total height: 5 1/4”
  • small - mounting width: 2 1/2" - mounting heigth: 8" - total height: 10 1/4”
  • Medium - mounting width: 3 1/2" - mounting heigth: 8" - total height: 11 1/4”
  • Large - mounting width: 4 1/2" - mounting heigth: 9" - total height: 13”
  • Giant - mounting width: 6" - mounting heigth: 11" - total height: 17”



About Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles Crown Molding Inside Corner Block Product

Crown Molding Inside Corner Block - Plain White

Our Crown Molding Inside Corner Block Product is priced at $4.50. They are made from the Polyurethane and we can paint them with any water-based paint of your choice. If you’re looking at ordering a custom painted item, request a quote through our official order page.

As you’ll see outlined on our order page, the sizes fit the following model numbers:

Small Size Fits: CC 351, CC 352, CC 353, CC 354, CC 355, CC 356, CC 451, CC 452, CC 453, CC 454, CC 455, CC 456.

Medium Size Fits: CC 551, CC 552, CC 553, CC 554, CC 555, CC 556

Large Size Fits: CC110

"These sizing guidelines are important to make note of when ordering. Triple check when you’re placing your order to ensure you’ve got the right size."

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Return Policy

Yes, we do have a return policy. Returns are allowed within 30 days of receiving an order but keep in mind that a 12% restocking fee applies.



Figuring Out Exactly How Many Tiles I Need (Complimentary Estimators)

Crown Molding Inside Corner Block - Plain White

Thanks to our in-house estimators, we’ve got you covered. There are three major calculators tied into our website to provide you with the best possible advice as you move forward in your home decorating journey.

The first is the Ceiling / Wall Tile Project Estimator All you have to do is enter the ceiling area of your room in square feet and the size of your ceiling tile. We’ll give you all the right numbers for your order. You can then choose to send yourself this information in a detailed e-mail through our online client.

There is also a Moldings Project Estimator which asks you to enter the linear footage of your room or total area in linear feet. It also asks you to select your type of molding before proceeding.

Last but not least is our Wall Panels Project Estimator to support you, should you need it. It asks you to enter the wall area of your room or total area in square feet as well as the type of panel you’re looking at ordering.

Thanks to our calculators and estimators, you won’t have to worry about ordering the wrong number of products. Not to fret — we’ve got your back.



What are customers saying about the Crown Molding Inside Corner Blocks?

Our Crown Molding Inside Corner Block has been reviewed by our customers, all of whom who have awarded the product a five-star rating. Most praise the product as looking much better than expected (or even as advertised) and fitting perfectly. What’s more, the installation process is praised for its ease.



What if I have any further questions?

There is a Questions portal on the Order Page for the Crown Molding Inside Corner Blocks, where potential customers have posted forums that put them in direct conversation with our Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. support team. 

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