No More boring Ceilings with R32 Decorative Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 16th Sep 2011

Don’t you ever get bored of walking into the same old room with its plain-looking, dull ceiling? What if you could jazz it up and give your room a brand new look and a completely different feel by adding decorative ceiling tiles to it. These decorative ceiling tiles are light weight and are made of Styrofoam. They are easy to handle, install and they even add to insulation, meaning these Styrofoam tiles will help reduce the transmission of heat, electricity and noise. You can even paint these tiles with any water-based paints. And the best thing about these tiles is that they do not require any professional tools or assistance for installation, it doesn’t get any easier than that, heh?

Although these decorative ceiling tiles are quite inexpensive yet the results are outstanding. With the R32 Decorative ceiling tiles, you will be surprised how much grace these tiles can add to any room of your house. May it be your living room or your fancy drawing room, these ceiling tiles will not only impress your guests but are sure to inspire them as well. Here are a couple of images to give to an idea how decorative ceiling tiles can literary add life to your rooms.

In the first image the R32 Styrofoam ceiling tiles have been installed in a 120 year old Victorian house.

R32 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

R32 Styrofoam ceiling tiles with a touch of elegance and style, will give your room a clean, modern, sophisticated look.

Modern R32 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

This multi-purpose, R32 decorative styrofoam ceiling tiles can also be used as an attractive background texture or a photography backdrop as shown in the picture below.

Photography Backdrop

The R32 decorative styrofoam ceiling tiles provide a quick, easy and a smooth finish to your ceilings. Each tile weighs about 1oz and is about quarter of an inch thick, making it easy to lift and install. But please make sure that you only use water-based paints and adhesives for these tiles.

This video will show you how you can install these tiles in your home with out the hassle of buying fancy tools or hiring any professional assistance. Watch this video carefully and try to follow its guidelines. If the tiles need to be trimmed to fit into corners, try to be accurate, double-check measurements before trimming the tiles and you will have a perfect ceiling in no time.

Try to challenge your creative side and bring your imagination to life with the R32 Styrofoam Ceiling tiles and encourage people to do the same. Without these decorative ceiling tiles, do-it-yourself home improvements projects were never this easy and rewarding.

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